Sur La Rue with Will Lavigne

If you’re not up on your High School french, sur la rue means “on the road,” which is this idea of this column. Unfortunately, this week as been super low on activities, as I had to stay home for an extra week to get surgery. I know the word surgery sounds pretty bad but it was a mellow one — I’ll be triple corking by the end of November. I’m actually heading in the snow next Monday and will start to shred then. This week though, I couldn’t move for the first days after the operation to make sure my stitches stayed in (it sucked ass)… So I stayed on the couch with my computer, the TV remote and pain killers.

The deadly looking hospital hall. I hate hospital.

Here’s a pic of me before the surgery.

After the surgery, confused and high on pain killers.

The gave my a puke bag on my way out of the hospital.

I found this photo of LNP from last year. I just told myself, whatever happens, there is always worse. He broke his back and was out for 2 months with the back brace. “He might make me pay back for that shot tough…”

And here are some comments that appeared on my facebook wall during the week. Sucked I had to stay on the couch, but imagine doing it pre social networking, would have been way worse. Youtube also helped. Here are a few videos that made my days on the couch. (The first one in particular.)

Nipple Magic:It’s french, but you don’t need to understand, it is mostly about the video. The dude in the beginning says: “I wouldn’t want to cut my fingers.”

Notice how the skaters all have hockey sticks!?!?! Pretty dope.

The dramatic cat is pretty cool, too.

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  1. Gaël
    Gaël says:

    “Sur la rue” means “On the street”.
    “Sur la route” means “On the road”.

    But your column is pretty awesome 🙂

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