Sponsor Me Battle: Connor Brown vs. Jesse Gouveia

We like the Tranny Finders. Not only are they sort of local, but they have been good sports about us rejecting them the last couple weeks. So this week, we have the Portland chapter of TF, vying for sponsorship glory! They likely have the same group of friends to rally, so it’s really up to the general YoBeat public to determine who we hook up.

Connor Brown

Jesse Gouveia

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If you’d like to be part of the sponsor me battle, send a link to your video (on vimeo or youtube, please – videos hosted on other platforms will not be be considered) with your name, address, size and a little bit about yourself to [email protected] If you’re chosen for the battle, we’ll send you an email when it goes live. The winner will receive a prize from the YoBeat Store.

The YoBeat store has T’s, Hoodies, Crews, Stickers, hats and more, and we are adding new stuff daily. Check it out here.

Mandatory Disclaimer: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder – you may already be “sponsored.” As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) On the very slim chance “they both suck” option wins, no prize will be given. Videos must be submitted by the rider, not the videographer, however, we are happy to give film credit and list your current sponsors in the description, if provided.

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  1. kitzke
    kitzke says:

    damn jeb i thought jed was paid already though… and he had the ender on a street rail last year i think.

  2. Bad Moon
    Bad Moon says:

    Really close to voting for Connor, until the last minute of Jesse’s part when he started tricking on.. Pretty close riding though, don’t know why Connor is getting hated to bad.

  3. Jamba Jewz
    Jamba Jewz says:

    chris right on the money. first one was better tho. that second kid pissed me off with how trendy he was trying to be. since when has biting other people been the cool thing to do? i thought snowboarding was about originality and personal style…?

  4. Jamba Jewz
    Jamba Jewz says:

    j bone, you are just another follower of a trend. tell me… how does Jeds dick cheese taste? get off the tip

  5. matty
    matty says:

    i am impressed that both were able to even get on the rails during what seemed to be some pretty brutal earthquakes….oh wait…

  6. Bonnor Mcbutthole
    Bonnor Mcbutthole says:

    damn both these kids are awfull. that second kid is way to trendy, i heard that he has the retro camera for i phone, what a fag, im sure he blows jed anderson on the daily, and the fist kid probably gets the pee pee touch from like 4 dudes everyday.

  7. buckertrown.
    buckertrown. says:

    both were illin the only bad part was jesse’s song has already been used but thats it both tight videos ferdamnsher!

  8. Nasty Nate
    Nasty Nate says:

    Both these young bucks kill it for sure. I appreciate loosy goose trannyfinding all over that snowhill. I think Jesse is just a little more flexible than connor, although Connor does look a little stronger. Overall, I think Jesse’s pants fit him very nicely and that he has a great physique. So I voted for him. Plus Jesse looks younger despite his mustache. But its hard to say with all that snowgear on them.

  9. Nasty Nate
    Nasty Nate says:

    yeah me too mn. I can’t believe those guys would use shots from hood. can you believe that! the nerve….. I mean if that dfd had stairs next to it and it was filmed in february those shots would have actually counted

  10. Bagels
    Bagels says:

    you really cant choose a winner, so i guess both jesse and connor suck! but they suck in a good way. keep your mind out of the gutter…

  11. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    what the fuck man! if your not filming an all street ender of all enders dont even film at all! All i wanna see is big ass stunts and perfect riding…. i thought everybody was as good as the pros!

  12. Jamba Jewz
    Jamba Jewz says:


  13. Nor'east Fucktard
    Nor'east Fucktard says:

    I really liked both their parts so my deciding factor was jesse having a small amount of skate footy.

  14. bpay
    bpay says:

    by voting for one of these contestants, you giving them hope! … so vote neither. you’ll always be campers to me, richy richer’s!

  15. Frank
    Frank says:

    I don’t know why people are bieng sarcastic dicks, but I think its tight that they’re both out having fun snowboarding but in the end I gotta go with jesse. To any confused and possibly mentally diseased : jesse is not jed anderson.

  16. HamNgreen
    HamNgreen says:

    im wit bpay on this one. These kids arent old enough to ride that much without some wealthy parents. living in seattle, seen them at green lake, attitude. seen em on the hill, attitude.they can both ride the board well, and probably find eachothers hidden tranny well too. I vote neither cos judging snowboarding is like talking shit on your favorite food, some fools just dont cook it right.

  17. americuh
    americuh says:

    man, these guys wear helmets and airblaster gear, they soooo bite jed anderson’s style. jamba jewz, if you are being serious, then you need to go back to new jersey or whatever culture-less, godforsaken place you where you were spawned. maybe you’re still there and thats why you have all this time to post comments instead of shredding. these kids kill it and have fun while they’re at it. just because theyre not old, bitter, broke chain smokers that weren’t good enough at skating so they moved to slc to live the dream and hopefully get sponsored by a department store doesn’t mean these kids aren’t good or aren’t having fun. snoqualmie, son.

    BILLY MAC says:

    these guys are stupid faggots….lets get all the hip new gear that jed would wear, get skinny stances, have gay mustaches, and have slow motion tricks in our edits….typical fuckin pussys. I hate that snowboarding is all about who has a skinnyest stance or the coolest salomon board….stop bitting and get your own style bros

  19. m-greazyTF4life
    m-greazyTF4life says:

    why are you guys hatin chill the ef out there just havin fun jesse and conner brown both kill it no matter if they grab there board wrong or accualy trying to have style so ya nice edits guys

  20. *og kushbabyzz* 58!
    *og kushbabyzz* 58! says:

    Mm bOiZ I AiNt gOtZ MuCh tA SaY BUuT ShEwW I ThOuGh i wAs iN Fo sUm cHrIsSsZ BrEeZy fUcKiN WiT SuM ChIcK, bUt dIs pReTtY DaMn cLoSe!
    mM GeT iT! hOlLlLa***aT My bOiZ JiZzZee N hOrNdAwG BrOwN
    nExT TiMe mIx i a liL’ bReEzZy iN dEr…YaDiDa?
    Y0Z TrUlY, kUsHbAbY 58585858585858585858!

  21. Bonnor McButthole
    Bonnor McButthole says:

    Billy Mac is a fagot for hating on bros who are just having fun, get a life and pull you finger out of you ass you fuckin homo

  22. sheckler
    sheckler says:

    jesse’s rodeo faceplant fakie on that cement corner pocket with pool coping was rad but connor has bigger muscles like me so he wins

  23. c-breezy
    c-breezy says:

    Billy Mac you are really dumb. Neither of us are riding Salomans and my stance is a 22.5 most of the video. I am just a tight pants faggot that uses slow motion in my edit.

  24. Yarlsburg Von Shleebinchymer
    Yarlsburg Von Shleebinchymer says:

    Last time I checked the Proctor and Amble Snow Sports Rules and Regulations Handbook, “When two chill bros huck their slabs off some steezey booter senders, and complete multiple stealth landings (landings undetectable by most visual analysis methods), their efforts should be praised accordingly regardless of interpretation, previous beef, immaturity of the reader, social status and/or general douche baggery. Those not in compliance with ced guidelines ultimately condemn themselves to eternal gooberdom and may consequentially felache themselves” (Amble pg.214).

    I don’t make the rules boys, i just enforce them. Shred hard, and best of luck to you both.

  25. ah
    ah says:

    these comments are ridiculous.
    who the hell cares how much money their parents have.
    when you are a 10 year old kid learning to ride what is wrong with your parents helping pay for your lift ticket? then you grow up and start working and getting sponsored and you pay for your own shit.. its normal, not spoiled. i know jesse and he’s worked extremely hard for everything he’s got.

    this post is full of bitter ass holes who’ve never worked at anything other than slamming on people over the internet.

  26. i
    i says:

    I cant believe how many people are hating. I actually sit here laugh not kidding. I dont even have to say keep it up because I know you will! Both these Skinny pant faggots who got there pants outta there moms closet snowboard soo much better then you!!! hahhahahahaah. keep hating so i can keep laughing. I know both these homo rich ass atitude diva bitches personally. and as you can see there both soooooooo bad. All they do is bite Jeds dick. All these haters need to get of Jed’s dick.. fuckkk. How do you comment on how theres slo motion! what the fuck? do you not understand how sick you sound? HHAHAAHAH. What edit doesnt have a ramped shot.. its sick. Fuck all of you weirdos. Im so glad i said all this just to provoke more hate for me to laugh at!

  27. Fuckconnorbrown
    Fuckconnorbrown says:

    Connor you can suck jeds cock you skinny pant homo. go grab your board or something. I didnt see one cool pow shot and i absolutely hate all summer camp footy. oh my goodness. Not even good tricks. Go get flowed by ur mammas butt

  28. jessegisahomo
    jessegisahomo says:

    Jesse you homo.. go suck jeds ween. all you do is sit around talkin about how you and jed suck eachothers ween. Go wear your brothers pants you ween head. and do some real tricks outside of summer camp maybe in some POW?? idk. Both these edits are soo bad. I just stalked ur vimeo page and ur wack. but id like that stash to tickly my butthole. It kinda looks like my ass hairs grew in above ur lip.

  29. taint tickler
    taint tickler says:

    who ever this “i” mother fucker is you caa fuckin suck my cock. your probably this stupid ass faggot who sweats the fuck out of airblaster, and you get on yobeat just to get a couple laughs but in reality you are probably the worst one commenting. you were probably some stupid ass goffy ugly mother fucking gangster kid who got way into aitblaster and decided to go taper your pants a little and start riding down the side of rails. fuck you yo ustupid chady ass faggot skaunt gayper peice of shit. go do some nuggets. bitch. fuck you.

  30. Bradysgay
    Bradysgay says:

    This is “i” under a new name, dedicated to a friend.. GO FUCK UR SELF TAINT TICKLER… boom consider ur taint TICKLED

  31. Jay Hergert
    Jay Hergert says:

    I know everyone here is mostly joking, but what ever happened to people snowboarding and respecting others for being good at snowboarding. In the end of the day whether your parents bought you your board, your pants look like jeans, or you have the same color goggles as Jed Anderson, we’re all still snowboarders.
    Both those kids are damn good snowboarders, enjoying what they do and putting out quality boardin’ videos for the fun of it, I see no wrong in any of that.

    grow up, stop beating off to your hate comments that you think are so funny, and go ride a snowboard for fucks sake.

  32. Shredi
    Shredi says:

    These Kids: daddy when I grow up i wanna be just like Jed!
    Father: Son, back when I was your age originality was important, it wasnt just all about looking like the hottest pro at the time…
    Hit a real handrail!

  33. brizze
    brizze says:

    jed wanna be… more like hironaka. your arms look like reptar hands, eat your airblaster meat and brotatoes and gl to you both but snoqualmie shots wins this vote for the jaggot.

  34. Jeff DeForge
    Jeff DeForge says:

    Jesse and his friends gave me a ride down the mt hood access road one day and I kept seeing him all summer to dat foo’s got my vote

  35. jb
    jb says:

    if he was white no one would be saying a thing about him looking like jed or hironaka…

    when his hair was long everyone pegged him as looking like austin and now that its short he looks like jed. he’s just a kid who likes airblaster and also happens to be racially ambiguous. that doesn’t mean he’s ‘trying’ to be like anyone.

    and he’s doing a hell of a lot more with his life than you ignorant retards posting all over this page.

  36. Bonnor Mcbutthole
    Bonnor Mcbutthole says:

    god these two are so fucking gay, they both are supper hip and should probably move to portland so they can hang out with some more scene ass fagots. i believe that they probably both suck a ridicules amount of wiener. FAGS GO DIE HOMO SCUM

  37. mn
    mn says:

    i only hate on summer camp footy for two reasons. its well made park features, and slushy snow, not the same as a rail with stairs in february. and also because i dont get to go have fun there, so i might as well cry about it

  38. ryanmo
    ryanmo says:

    seriously everyone, snowboarding is so ridiculuous sometimes, stop the comment hating, grow a dick and do something real.

  39. MD
    MD says:

    Jesse is a chill dood. met you up at hcsc during the VG session. Who cares what he looks like or who he rides like.

  40. ogeasttt
    ogeasttt says:

    why is everybody hatin on these guys? they’re out there riding and trying to get better so why not get out there and do the same instead of sitting on the computer and saying stuff when you can’t do anything because your too lazy or skill to try and progress. and if the kids got talent don’t try to find something to make fun of him for like his clothes or style to make yourself feel better about your crappy riding. BOTTOM LINE- get riding and have a good time INSTEAD of hating!

  41. ted
    ted says:

    Only Kooks Hate this hard. Shit is pathetic.

    Negativity does not breed creativity.

    Keep shredding dudes. Haters gonnna hate.


  42. mmmm
    mmmm says:

    It’s not that I have anything against the fact Jesse has some skating in his video thats chill.. but last time I checked this was a snowboarding website….soooooo.. how was the skating the make it or break it for people? It just bums me out ya’ll are all hating so much.

  43. D.Abarta
    D.Abarta says:

    typical internet hater:
    – days snowboarding every year: 10
    – days dickriding and hating on snowboarding message boards: 355

    total days being a complete kook: 365

    jus sayin.

  44. Garvie
    Garvie says:

    These dudes rule! All these internet nerds/haters should take a lesson from this crew of kids and go snowboarding for fun. Keep ripping Tranny Finders!!!

    MATT PENNY says:

    how about you get off j bones dick, and learn how to snowboard yourself Jamba Jewz.
    I don’t see any of your video’s on here…
    And hell yeah garvie!

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