Joe Sexton Wins Over Hump Day


Photo: Pasi Salminen

Misrepresentation — it’s a bitch. To see a shining example of this, one needs to look no further than the world of politics and its politicians. Not only do they have their own agenda and ideas as to what “We the People” want, but they also look like a bunch of decaying fucking mutants. Sure, we’re under the assumption that we voted these deviant minded trolls into office, but let’s try to be a bit more realistic here as to how our world’s governments actually work (money).

Likewise, snowboarding has its less than desirable representatives. We’ve all winced in agony as they’ve made the rounds of late night television and uttered grievances as their pasty complexions stare back at us from magazine covers and cereal boxes. “You – why you!” we think to ourselves. Are we not deserving of someone that repudiates the energy-drink-fueled-slacker -lifestyle image the mainstream media has bestowed upon us? Someone that sees the value in not talking just to hear themselves talk? Someone who isn’t afraid of a getting a little fish shit on their hands every now and then?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions, remember to cast your vote for Joe Sexton this Hump Day.

Congratulations, you’re pro! It’s all downhill from here you know.

Thanks! Oh yeah, I know, all downhill from here. Time to throw in the towel.

You had a lousy “meet the pro” experience as a child. Has that shaped how you interact with your fans?

The first pro I ever met was Rahm Klampert and he was a dick. I try to be nice to every kid because I’m just like they are – I want to ride and have fun.

You’d be surprised how many photos of Joe feature JP. So… Photo courtesy ThirtyTwo

Yobeat was surprised when I told them you were down for an interview. I guess Nick blew it with JP and Jeremy so they figured you were equally bummed.

(Laughs) Yeah, I heard about that. I guess he came in a little too hot. I haven’t met Nick so I can’t really say, but definitely not a great first impression.

Everyone knows that sex sells — does Sexton sell? Has it ever crossed your mind that your sponsors are relying more on using your last name as a subliminal marketing tool rather than your snowboard talent?

They tell me that all the time: “Just so you know you would be nothing without your last name.”

You came to a crossroads in your am career when you had to choose to sign with either K2 or Stepchild. Looking back, do you feel you made the right decision?

Basically it came right after I finished riding for Nitro. Lance Haakker was the team manager for K2 and asked me to ride for them. Right around the same time I met Simon (Chamberlain) and Sean Johnson at summer camp. I deliberated for a little bit, but then wised up and chose Stepchild. One of the only reasons I thought K2 was cool was because of Lance and he quit like a year later. I made the right decision – Stepchild is the best.

Rail slidin’ in Canada. Photo: Blotto

You know with K2 you would have probably been extremely wealthy by now. It’s of like deciding between dating the hot, popular girl with a nice car or the quiet bookworm with issues.

Yeah, but the hot, popular girl with a nice car usually turns out to be crazy and mean, and the bookworm turns out to be cool.

Does Nima hate you for leaving Ashbury? You know they’re sitting on about 50,000 Joe Sexton pro model goggles.

No, I don’t think he hates me, I just saw him just the other week. We’re cool, they understand.

Why Von Zipper?

It was just something cool and different – I dig them. I liked them as a kid too, back when Kevin Jones was on the team.

Joe in snowy wonderland. Photo: Pasi Salminen

You have a twin brother — who’s the oldest?

Yeah, his name is Dan. I’m older by eight minutes.

What happened? It seems like most twins’ stay paired up their entire lives, whereas with you two, nobody seems to know the other exists.

I think people know that he exists – he plays in the NHL for the Anaheim Ducks! But, yeah, we never wanted to be like that – we always took different classes, dressed differently, listened to different music. In school no one even knew we were brothers.

Have either of you ever experienced sudden pain or distress and later came to learn that the other one had eaten shit or been gouged in the eyes at that same exact moment?

Well, when Dan got called up to the NHL I got this crazy feeling just randomly and like a second later my phone rang, and it was my dad telling me the news. That was super crazy.

Are your parents supportive of your chosen career path or are they bummed you didn’t do something more boring and ordinary with your life?

They’re super supportive. I tried the college thing and it didn’t really work out. They’re just happy that I’m doing something that I love for a living. Besides, they love rocking the gear.

Pressin’ in Canada. Photo: Blotto

If being a pro snowboarder wasn’t a viable option, what other job skills do you have to fall back?

I would maybe try to make it in fishing or go to school for something. Maybe something to do with art.

How’s the response been to your Cheers part? Are you catching any heat for it being strictly rails?

I don’t really know how the response has been. I’ll probably catch some heat. I had some jumps but nothing good enough to make the movie. When I was going over my footage with Pierre I was like “Where are those jump shots?” He said,” Yeah, those aren’t going in”. But it was cool – I got to use them for the 1817 movie. I love those guys and was psyched to be able to get a little throwaway section in there. Thanks Riley!

How did the confrontation with the fat man and his hound dogs go down?

Basically the guy came by and started hassling us, but it wasn’t even his property. It was actually no one’s property, so we jut kept going. He came back like an hour later with the dogs and just started kicking the jump and yelling. I was at the top of the drop-in and couldn’t really see anything, just heard the commotion and came riding in. Right when I stopped is when the one beast jumped up and bit me. Luckily, I had my knee brace on otherwise it could have been much worse.

Nosepressing the kinks. NBD. Photo Pasi Salminen

Do you think you’re in the running for Jibber of the Year?

I have no clue.

What’s it like having Sean Johnson as a boss?

The best thing ever. I can’t even explain – Sean is the best.

Has he ever farted on Simon while he’s praying?

He’s farted on Simon while doing a lot of things, but probably not praying.

Were you familiar with the Whiskey videos and his Boozy the Clown persona prior to riding for Stepchild?

That was a little before my time but Sean just gave me Whiskey 1 and 2 on DVD. Collectors item for sure!

Does he still have the nose and the suit?

Yeah he does. He busts them out every now and then on Stepchild shoots. One of our homey filmers, Brocklebank, has it right now and films in it —it’s pretty funny.

Joe at home. Minnesota pride. Photo: Blotto

Shout outs or shut ups?

Thanks to everyone who has helped me out. Mom and dad for sure, Stepchild, 32, etnies, Von Zipper, Union, Nixon, Bear Mountain, Cal Surf, Magical Gogo, 1817 and all my friends.

If you could change one thing about the snowboard industry, what would it be?

I wish there was a little more respect for the OG’s.

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  1. SumHippy
    SumHippy says:

    That old man and his dogs really pisses me off. Not hitting that guy really shows some self restraint Joe.

  2. Escubed Productions
    Escubed Productions says:

    Joe is such a down to earth guy. I am the winner of his board in the Day in the Life video. He is just like any other snowboarder, just wants to get out there and ride and have kids get hyped on his riding. Thanks Joe for being such an inspiration.

  3. dudebro
    dudebro says:

    People respect the Old Timers, just not the ones who have let their egos surpass their talent. It’s like Brett Farve, at some point people just want you to eat shit and get lost.

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