Nike Snowboarding Plays Football

Europe has been all atwitter lately about Gigi’s new Nike boot, thanks to a little “match” Nike sponsored and invited a bunch of Euro media outlets to compete in. If you are from Europe, or just really enjoy reading Euro sites, then you may have seen some coverage from the likes of Fluofun and Onboard. If not, you can just read this press release about it here!

On November 19th, Nike Snowboarding will release the new limited Gigi Rüf Nike Zoom Kaiju QS. Gigiʼs passion for football and his hometown club SC Bregenz in particular has been the starting point of inspiration for this project. Add Nikeʼs Mercurial Vapor football boot to the mix and youʼll get one of the most technically advanced snowboard boots out in the market.

To celebrate the release, The Nike Snowboarding crew joined forces with the X Double shop in Innsbruck, Austria to create a five-a-side football tournament: The Rüf FC Cup. On November 5 a real football pitch was erected in front of the X Double store allowing the finest of the European snowboard industry to show their football skills and challenge Gigi, Nicolas Müller, Austin Smith and the rest of the Nike Snowboarding crew to a match.

The talent on the pitch was impressive, and the competition fierce, but in the end FC Gigi was victorious and took home the Rüf FC Cup.

Now, watch as Gigi begins his day with a stroll around the scenic town of Bregenz, Austria. While making his daily stops, He is told about a mysterious package waiting for him. At this moment he begins to feel like someone, or something is following him…………

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  1. travioli
    travioli says:

    The corniest company and the corniest sport – awesome. A wise man once said, “Snowboarding was better when everyone hated us.”

  2. burrittoz
    burrittoz says:

    right on. he should of won an emmy for the announcing at natural selection.

    …except for the soccer coment ofcourse.

  3. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    a jock company trying to make their team more jock-like.

    thanks but no thanks Nike. stick to football, soccer, tennis, running, basketball, golf, track and field, weightlifting, baseball, field hockey, and Nelly.

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