Mammoth Opening Weekend Official Recap and Photos

So our friend has a new job writing marketing copy for Mammoth. If you don’t know Shay, she loves snowboarding more than you, and has been running her blog long enough that no one calls her by her actual name anymore. Even if you never make it to her site, this season you’ll be seeing more of her, since she is the scribe behind this official release about Mammoth Opening Weekend (although I took the liberty of fixing her grammar.) So read it, or don’t. Totally up to you, but either way there are tons of photos from Peter Morning.

The top-to-bottom terrain delivered some banger riding for the weekend warriors, die-hard shredders, industry vets and top-of-the-line pros that came out to partake in the big kick off to winter. Any rider could find pow stashes from the recent two-foot dump Mammoth received on Thursday and beautiful sunny skies that kept the mountain in a great state of mind throughout the weekend. A lap of the Unbound Park offered up over a dozen features including new urban sets — stairset with two boxes/one rail, concrete ledge and plantar box. For many skiers and riders, it was one of the best opening days they’d seen at Mammoth.  Opening day was “super fun, a lot more snow than expected and park was setup in full effect,” local Mammoth team rider Trevor Jacob said

The who’s who of snowboarding came out in the masses over the weekend. Mammoth welcomed pros like Louie Vito, Eddie Wall, Forest Bailey, Zac Marben, Travis Rice, John Jackson, Mason Aguirre, Hana Beaman, Trevor Jacob, Peter Line, Johnny Lazz and many others.

Each night there was a different party in the village. Rome started out the season by hosting the pre-opening day party and ended with hot dogs and brews in the parking lot in Main Lot. Hyde Lounge kicked off the season on Thursday with the Hyde 2.0 Launch party, continued into Friday with the Unbound Magazine party, where touching elbows with pros all night was a given. Saturday was an all day event with the TWS 200th issue party, “Another Day in Paradise” premiere an finally The Sounds concert and official after party.  “The Sounds melted my face off and for once Hyde Mammoth was harder to get into than Hollywood,” Red Bull’s Pat Stahl said. Every bar in The Village had something going on and was filled with people taking the party from the slopes to the dance floor. Another highlight of the weekend was John Jackson and Travis Rice crowd surfing the VIP line in to Hyde on Saturday night.

Hands down Mammoth opening weekend was one to remember and if you missed out, come out later this winter with the arrival of more snow, more pros and more events. Next up is Rome SDS Premature Jibulation Rail Jam on November 20, Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam on December 11 and Night of Lights on December 18.

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  • what the deuce… thats my old pal adina in photo 39… random.

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    damn… so many pictures from mammoth opening day…so few of them actually depict snow and/or snowboarding…thanks California for living up to the stereotype.