The Rejected Edits: Pre Season Jib Edition


At what point does a video go from “something to watch” to just plain bad? That’s debatable. But one thing is for sure, now that there’s real snow, there’s no need to watch some kids “having fun” on a downbox, tube, or sketchy rail set up. That said, we present a week’s worth of pre-season jib edits that we just couldn’t bring ourselves to post.

Kick the Bucket #1

We’re very excited that the crew formerly known as houseof42069 got a new name. However, there are mountains open, and if we have to sit through another Utah pre season edit, well…

Tranny Finders Halloween at Stevens Pass

Our favorite Portland Northwes crew headed up to Washington for Halloween and did some tube jibbing. Then they took way too long too edit, so by the time it reached our inbox, its Internet relevance had expired. Sorry dudes, you’ll get us one of these days though!

Katz Krew Preseason

Canada seems to have caught on to YoBeat and that’s pretty cool. We like those guys and their toonies. The Katz Crew sent over this edit from the great white north with the disclaimer, “Our attempts at being hard and cocky are all in good humor, please don’t take it seriously. Although it’d be pretty hard to take it seriously…” Well seriously guys, we’re rejecting it. Actually, this isn’t very serious either.

We weren’t joking about the Canada thing. This one came all the way from Kelowna, BC, where apparently they don’t have the “deinterlace source clip” option, (or they edited this video in the wrong size final cut sequence.) Either way, REJECTED, but the fact that the first shot is of a dude breaking his back is pretty cool.

That’s the bulk of em from this week. You’re welcome for not posting them all separately, which if you haven’t figured out by now is the point of this section…

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  1. hater skater
    hater skater says:

    the first and last videos are actually the same..might want to fix that…other than that most of the stuff was ok i guess..the guy who makes the jp impression on the 2nd vid is funny

  2. ShredOrCry
    ShredOrCry says:

    tranny finders still looking for their innertranny. wanna be hipsters. think theyr too cool for school but havnt graduated yet. then again at least there editing theyr footage eventually.

  3. matt
    matt says:

    tranny finders killed it again. northwest represent! kick the bucket had some bangers and some good slams. katz krew: get a sick song and you raise your chances immensely. last but not least, actually probably least, buckhunters, widen your damn stances. seriously maybe you wouldnt slam so hard if you had some stability on the rail.
    YOBEAT killin it with these reject edits! we want more please.

  4. larrythecableguy
    larrythecableguy says:

    tranny finders trying soooo hard to get on yobeat. Maybe you should just post one of there videos so they’l stop sending that stupid shit in.

  5. shax shotter
    shax shotter says:

    kick the bucket owes a lot of those scenery shots to a certain drive down the canyon with a certain dude. thats what sets them apart, you chumps! it’s not lifestyle shots that people care about, it’s nature shots.

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