Sur La Rue with Will Lavigne

Hey, it’s Will again. I wasn’t sure if they would let me post more photos up here but apparently yes. Here are a few photos from my week. Since my trip to Colorado got delayed a little bit, I’m still home in Quebec City… I can’t wait to go shred, should get there soon. Until then, peep these…

The first thing I saw when I got there was this front flip. People were getting gnarly on the rail.

The second after I realized why people were so pumped. Jesus was there with his apostle Nick.

We instantly went to get a few drinks at our VIP bar.

Not so long after, Jesus started to flip people off.

After the rail jam we went to a house party not to far. form there. It was Steph’s birthday, Phil Jacques girlfriend. We had a few drink and ate some carrot and chocolat cake. Here we can see Alex Cantin walking by the urinal. We thought it was pretty funny there was an open urinal in the garage.

I checked it out to make sure it was safe.

The next day, we went to check the skate park. After several years of asking to have a “real skate park ” in Quebec City we finally will get one. Sucks it’s not done yet but it will be ready for spring.

This is the only skateable section so far.

I meet up with the boys for a cafe down town. Emo in black in white. Me, Nick, Phil, Greg D. and Photographer Alexis Paradis
We meet up and took some photos for Plenty’s catalog

I ended my week by going to feed the pigeons in the city.

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