Preseason Pow Turns at Brighton


As you might have heard, Brighton is scheduled to open this Friday, November 12th Thursday!! I went up to pick up my pass and couldn’t resist hiking to make a few turns. And like any good trip up Big Cottonwood Canyon things ended up at The Lone Star Taqueria…

(Shot on the GoPro HD Hero 960)

Meanwhile, Sean Lucey was breaking the law at Alta. (Ok, maybe not simultaneously, but you get the point.) F YEAH!

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  1. Seans Mom
    Seans Mom says:

    Sean! Stop breaking the law you Hooligan! Thats why the state of Pennsylvania kicked your bitch-ass out! They are going to throw you in morman prison, which is worse than regular prison! They will make you wear funny underpants and marry 42584037 virgins! come home please! your sisters miss you,


  2. Cole Atencio
    Cole Atencio says:

    damn, i would get arrested if it meant i had to marry 42584037 virgins! wouldnt have to ask me twice!

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