Old Gold: 90’s Jeremy Jones Interview

We came across this piece of snowboard history recently and decided to pull it back up. Our interviews have gotten slightly more in depth over the years, but they certainly haven’t gotten any better. Original Publication date: February 1999

Still together after all these years…

So I interviewed this dude named Jeremy Jones, then I came to find out that there are two pro snowboarders named Jeremy Jones, and I was talking to the wrong one. No wonder he seemed so confused. Okay, so maybe that didn’t really happen, but it would have been pretty funny, right? In all honesty, this is an interview with Jeremy Jones, member of the world famous Forum eight. He begged me to trash him, so incase you were wondering he’s a real dick, and he sucks at snowboarding too.

Alright, first off, I was forced to ask, which clip of Decade do you think best represents your snowboarding and you would want it to go along with this very interview?

Probably my double kinked handrail shot.

This is the Decade we’re referring to, not to be confused to Double Decade, ten years later

How old are you?


Where do you ride?

Solitude, UT.

Who do you ride with?

J.P. Walker, Mikey Leblanc, Nate Bozung

Why do snowboarders always name other pros, don’t you have any friends who aren’t pro? Skateboarders always name their friends.

I do because they’ve been my friends since they were little, and they just happen to be pro too, and they live with me and are always with me. Skateboarders are cooler anyway.

What kind of contests do you usually do?

Big Air

Do you like competing?

It’s alright, I guess it’s fun, when you win. The check’s good.

Where’s your favorite place you’ve ever ridden?

Snow Summit, Ca. They build whatever jumps we want, they are super cool and this guy Gunny who works there is just dope.

Jeremy’s butt at the X Games in Crested Butte, CO. Photo: Shanti Sosienski.

Do you like traveling?

Yeah. I like it. I like coming home.

Do you feel like more of a rockstar when there is a camera running?

No, I just kinda feel like a cheeseball.

Do you push yourself harder when there is a camera running?

If my friends are there I will, but if they’re not it’s kinda hard to push even if there is a camera. My friends just push me really.

Would you patronize a web site entirely devoted to snowboard videos?

Probably, just to see if there’s some stuff to make fun of.

Camo — Just for hunting or super dope?

It’s for armies, but I think it’s cool. It’s out in the east coast, huh? I don’t run it too often though.

Are you related to Kevin Jones?


Jenny Jones?

I wish.

Tom Jones?

No. I’m nobody.

What’s your favorite movie that has nothing to do with being extreme?

The Wedding Singer.

Jeremy’s Technical Difficulties part. Sound is disabled, so just listen to some pop punk while you watch it. Ten Foot Pole or something.

Did you ever ski?

Yeah I did until I was like 12 I think, and I’m gonna start again cause it’s rad. I went to some ski contest and the dudes were doing 1080’s and sticking them. It’s awesome, but they wear stupid clothes.

Does being a pro snowboarder get you a lot of chicks?

You know I’ve never tried to use it, but I’ve seen it get lots of chicks for lots of other people.

Do you have a crush on any snowboarder?

No females, I have a crush on some male snowboarders, but I don’t know who.

What’s your favorite prime time soap opera?

90210 and Party of Five for sure.

Boxers or briefs?

I wear boxer briefs and boxers, but briefs sucks. That question is stupid.

Have you ever bitten anyone’s style?

Not like straight up, but probably like bits of it, just like the world, every once in a while I’ve bit people’s style I’m sure.

Were you a cool kid in high school?

Not at all.

Did you get beat up?

Sometimes, I could usually run most of the time.

Who’s your favorite pro wrestler?

Hulk Hogan, he’s probably washed up now. Randy Savage is alright.

Ever belonged to anyone’s fan club?


Do you own any old NKOTB paraphernalia?

No. I wish, that’d be so good. A calendar would be rad. I have Backstreet Boys magnet for my fridge.

What’s it like sharing a name with a media icon like Jeremy Baye?

It’s cool because he rides for Alphanumeric with me.

Who is your hero?

My mom, just cause she’s pulled it off.

Tell me about your first time?

It was pretty rad, I had a skateboard and I strapped rubber tape to it and mocked down my friends back yard. It was like 100 feet long. I did that for almost a full year, it was awesome.

Pro Boarders or Cool Boarders 3?

Pro Boarders. By far.

Who do you look up to in snowboarding?

Brandon Bybee and J.P. Walker

Shout outs

Gunny at Snow Summit, everyone at Forum, Steve, all the SC boys, Alphanumeric, the whole family there, my family and everyone that’s helped me out along the way.

And today…

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