Weekend Rail Jam Recap

When I heard that a handful of Technine pro boarders were heading up to a small town in Humboldt County to promote a rail jam, hosted by a shop that also sells guns and canoes, I knew I had to make the trip.

Small town rail jams offer a mixed bag of possibilities. Small features, unknown riders, and the most random collection of spectators make for an interesting day. Travis Kennedy, Andrew Brewer, Jake Devine, and Johnny Lazz were on hand to sign autographs for the 1,000+ in attendance. At least 25% of the people on hand were sandal-clad transients that just happened to wonder upon a pile of snow in their predominately hippie city. The riders happily signed posters for a slew of people, more than half of which didn’t even know who the hell they were. Kids were happy to meet a professional athlete, the pros were stoked to make the kids smile, and the locals were happy to share any type of natural “stimulant” you would expect to find in Humbolt County.

Pro Sport Center knows how to put on a contest. The event was being broadcast live over the radio, a DJ was pumping dub step, a huge grill was serving up tasty treats, and the people were stoked to be there. I could go on and on about the contest, but that’s not where the story is. The real story is in the people that were there and only the photos can paint the picture of what happened that day.

[nggallery id=105]

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, similarly absurd situations were unfolding from CT to VT and beyond…

(Disclaimer: We didn’t even watch any of these videos, simply embedded them to prove a point. Watch at your own risk)

Nashoba Rail Jam

Edit by Paul Osbourne
Kevin Court 1st place
Zack Normandin 2nd place
Nate Powers 3rd place

Wilton Outdoor Sports Center 2010 Rail Jam (In the parking lot of Ski Sundown)

Edit by Bjs productions

Edit by: Andrew Weuling

Queen City Rail Jam

Edit: DC Ride
Photos from Travis Hightower: http://www.flickr.com/photos/travishightowerimg/5157956629/

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  1. Jonatan
    Jonatan says:

    Haha, check out that kid up there to the left in the big picture. He’s all happy and smiling – “Finally I got to see a sick ass stunt bail!”

  2. queef jones
    queef jones says:

    that queen city filmer should of left his moms camera at home or learn to point the camera at the person your filming, and not over kill the edit with dumb motion blurs.


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