The Rejected Edits: Volume 1


If you think we post some shitty videos, you should see the stuff we don’t post! Whether it’s because people have to idea how to export, hold a camera steady, or snowboard, some of the videos we receive on a daily basis provide LOLz and not much else. We felt like maybe it was time to share some of the bad and the ugly, with the specific reasons they were rejected for everyone’s viewing displeasure. We’d say enjoy, but let’s be realistic here…

Timberline Opening Day from Tranny Finders

We wanted to run this video, really, we did. We like Timberline, and these kids were obviously having fun. Plus it was the GoPro we intended to make. But… at over 4 minutes and lacking much in the way of real tricks, well, if we posted this thing on its own the comments would have gone something like: “why is this so bad” “yobeat sucks” “I hate everything” “I touch young boys” etc. So we passed.

KOTCAST II all the way from Germany

This was set up in the email we received as a game of SNOW, but only some of it, because the camera battery died. We didn’t have to watch it to know we’d reject it, but did anyway. So: bad light, plus games of SNOW being the most boring video subject ever, equals no thanks, but since the purveyors of the video stated outright they were hoping to be hated on in multiple countries, plus get sponsored with views, posting it here is the least we could do. Also, Kotcast literally translated means poop crew.

LUCISHRED #1 at Bear (via France)

We’ll admit, the fact that people from Europe send us videos is neat. Like really neat. Small world, ya know? And this video, we really wanted to like, because they were obviously going for some style that we Americans can’t even understand! But the reality is, if the snowboarding, filming and editing were better, it would have been a sick video!

Ramblin’s Rail Poach

Actually, we almost just posted this one on its own, because after all the comment drama fun the Ramblin’s Rail edit provided, this video of some kids who found said chained-up rail, and proceeded to ride it anyway, could probably stand alone as a hilarious post. But then we didn’t get around to it, so it seemed easiest to just include it here.

Keep in mind these are just from the past week… and by no means all of them. So keep the videos coming, cause even if we reject your edit, apparently we might just post it. And it’s ALL ABOUT THE HITZ.

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  1. Matthieu
    Matthieu says:

    Tranny Finders edit was sick. Quit hatin. Those guys are actually really good, this edit is just supposed to be a fun, messing around day. And there were some real tricks, you just have to look for them. Noseblunt ender. Some fun little tricks on that dance floor and even a couple sick ones on that down box. Just sayin. You shoulda just posted it in the first place.

  2. ryanmo
    ryanmo says:

    yeah, i liked the tranny finders edit too, FUN
    at any rate we’re bored enough at this time of year to watch anything

  3. Nic
    Nic says:

    #1 Tranny Finders.
    Or, Trendy finders.. nice outfit coordination guys!

    #2 KOTCAST II.
    Is there no sun where you’re from? Keep that shit all the way in Germany.

    Thanks for the fucking seizure you french fucks.

    #4 Chained up ramblin rail
    Your shits gayer than a cock-shaped candy bar. Whoopity fuck if your rail has a chain on it, just makes that shit gayer.

    Nah I’m just playing.. all those guys are better than I at rails.

  4. Ulga Goolrich
    Ulga Goolrich says:

    Stop putting down these “Tranny Finder” kidos. They did a great job with their snowboard tricks and manuvers. They are doing the best they can and having loads of fun. I wish I knew how to do those neat-o jumps.

    P.S. Nic: You’re obviously still pissy because your vibrating 10 inch dildo is out of batteries and you had to make do without the vibration in your ass last night. Also I think its time for a change of tampon.


    Tranny finders can suck a fat one. Jesse’s gay. Dylans gay. Bens gay. Bo’s gay. Andrew fucking skis.

    all the rest of you R gay.


    Stevens Passs or die

  6. mobeat
    mobeat says:

    Tranny finders was dope..I’ve seen better edits from those guys, so I know they’ve got some style. They’re young yet…it’ll happen.

  7. Nic
    Nic says:

    Ulga Goolrich,
    I was joking around dude chill..
    And no, My tampon is fine. I literally just changed it a few days ago.
    And 10 inch dildo? what are you some sort of mincy faggot? 20 inches or nothing homo, learn to flex.

  8. Bonnor McButthole
    Bonnor McButthole says:

    Dude they tranny finders are sick, I watch all there edits and i dream to be like them one day and i wish that they werent so mean to me. im super gay, and NIGGUHSFOLYFE is Riley Goodwin, who is probably drunk as fuck right now

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