Sur la Rue with Will Lavigne

Will Lavigne here, reporting for duty. Starting today, and every Thursday, I will be posting photos, videos, and telling stories here on Yobeat from what’s going on around me on the road this season. Right now, here are a few photos from Halloween, since we don’t have any real snow yet in Quebec City. I’m heading to Colorado pretty soon (they already have snow there) and later this season I’ll be filming for the Rome movie “The Shred Remains” and will have photos from riding street with LNP, Lazz, Eiki, Paxson and backcountry stuff with Bjorn, Lucas and Marie. Maybe I’ll spend some time with my friends from Quebec City or other crews, only time will tell. Until then, enjoy! Oh, and Let it snow!

We had good bye dinner for our friend Etienne Gilbert. He is moving to Australia with his wife. Etienne has been great inspiration for me from his part in Burning Bridges and the People movie. And we all wore matching hats.

The following night was Halloween! There was a movie premiere in downtown Quebec City. Here are Greg Desjardins, Phil Jacques and if you look on the right, there is Dr. Nic Sauve, making sure everyone stays healthy.

I thought this was a good costume, inconvenient though.

Babes, making out.

Me, being a pumpkin and acting like a pumpkin

For some reason the night got cut short…

No snow yet in QC, so we ride at the Arena until it falls. Oh you want moving pictures? Here’s an edit wth  Nic Sauvé, Frank April, Me, Marco, Marie-H, Lawn boarding.

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