WTF Wednesday: Maria Thomsen

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This week’s Whistler quickie features Maria Thomsen. Maria always has a smile on her face and she sends it harder than most guys. Next time you’re in Whistler, get your back 1 switch 50 on lock and hit her up for a game of s.h.r.e.d., just don’t cry too hard when she wins.

Video: Ian Turner/Turner Flow Films

  • aaron fraher

    what a babe

  • peacelovesnowflakes

    Yeah girl! Killin’ it!

  • dippaddle

    dayum…wats up maria

  • michigan


  • Killin it indeed…

    One thing I’ll always wonder though (and this isn’t meant to take away from girls snowboarding) is why is it that, when it comes to park riding, some girls can throw down the same, if not bigger tricks than some guys, but when it comes to style, they’re all arms and window rolls?

    Just a thought. That was a good edit though, this chick can rip for sure

  • Big John

    ehhhhhh cause they are worse at most things that take skills?

  • jerm

    im with you there jimbo. the moves are there but its sooo forced.

  • yeah gurll! that was good! i thought her style was really good for most of her tricks.

  • chuck lidell

    yeah i didnt think her style was whack. pretty clean, one of the cleanest girls i’ve seen

  • matty

    for having a broken arm and a vagina she killed it. style was better than jp walker for sure

  • Yeah, but keep in mind JP has to basically defy gravity to balance on a rail with a chin like that….

  • M dot

    she was sick…she could spin out of rails better than most girls ive seen. i think her stance needed to be tightened up and thats what made her style look a little funky…keep killin it maria

  • matt

    i would?

  • Tru

    #1 MOM!!!