Hump Day Gets Sleepy with Scott Stevens


Always a good time. Photo: Alex Mertz

Scott Stevens has been taking the snowboard world by storm with his unique brand of trickery combined with smooth style and a calm disposition. This east coast transplant has been featured in Think Thank, Transworld, and HCSC edits for the past three years, as well as conquering the competitive rail jam circuit. Traveling from coast to coast can be exhausting, especially when all Scott wants to do is snowboard and relax.

What have you been up to?

I just got done with a long road trip. I had my wisdom teeth pulled out and then I drove straight from Massachusetts to Salt Lake City. I’m pretty smoked right now.

I bet, don’t they give you heavy pain meds for that?

Yeah, but I went through those in no time.

The kind you aren’t supposed to drive while on?

(Laughing) I stopped medicating for the drive.

What were you doing in Massachusetts?

I was skating and basically going absolutely crazy with all the time on my hands from not snowboarding. I think it’s good for most people to have down time but I just get all fucked up in the head and need constant activity. It’s actually pretty weird because people nicknamed me “sleepy.”

Where exactly does that nickname come from?

Ben Fee nicknamed me that. Sometimes I sleep a lot. “Sleepy” is kind of like if I’m sleeping, I can sleep forever. But if I’m up, oh man, I’m up!

What, you don’t snowboard on random tin sheds for fun? Photo: Alex Mertz

Well you lucked out as far as snowboarding goes. Utah just got slammed, right in time for your arrival.

Yeah! Everyone is going to ride right now but my mouth hurts so fucking bad. I think that I have this thing they warned me about called “dry sockets.” It’s when your nerves are all exposed or something and well it’s annoying as shit.

That sounds horrible. Did you have to drive through the storm or was it pretty much just in the mountains?

Well no, I didn’t have to drive through a blizzard, but in Nebraska we had some of the gnarliest wind ever. The kind of wind that you can just picture with a tornado starting up and just fucking shit up.

I know exactly what you are talking about. I’ve done that drive from Michigan a bunch of times. Iowa and Nebraska get some crazy winds.

Yeah. I think that I have a phobia of tornadoes, but I really want to see one in person. It’s pretty weird.

Seems like everyone and there brother is heading to Utah right now. Why is that such a hot spot for shredding?

Utah is cheap. There are a lot of great mountains. The airport is really close. I have a lot of awesome friends that live there, it’s pretty fucking sick. Oh, and good skate parks too.

Seems like the place all the rookies go to get noticed and the place all the pros go to stay at the top?

(Laughing) Yeah it really is a good rookie spot. You can ride pretty much every type of terrain. I think that’s a huge plus. Mountains, rails, parks, filming, cliffs and all that shit so the up-and-comers get a perfect mix. Pros are just smart and they know it’s just one of the best places in the country to ride, so why search for something when you have it all in your backyard?

Somewhere in the backcountry. Photo: Alex Mertz

CAPiTA is making a team movie this year. How excited are you for that?

I’m so down for it!!!! I think that it’s great timing and everyone on the team is ready to put it down. I guess there are a lot of companies who do team videos but I have a good feeling about this one. Phil Jacques, Dan Brisse, Jess Kimura, Andrew Burns, Scott Blum, Laura Hadar, TJ Schneider, Dustin Craven, Cale Zima, and all the AMs and everyone that reps CAPiTA together should make a great video.

That’s a stacked team. Who is in charge of the filming and editing?

I don’t know if its final but Mark Dangler is looking promising. Mark is a workhorse and an awesome dude so that is great criteria for a filmer.

He films up at HCSC right?

Yeah, he’s been killing it up at High Cascade for a few years now

How was this past summer? It seems like there are a lot of ams killing it at HCSC?

Yeah, good grief man, those kids are fucking good! HCSC has turned into a place to get your name out and kids are sure as hell doing that.

Anyone specifically?

Mike Ravelson is one of my favorites. Brendan Rego came through camp for a little bit and he had dope style. I like watching Forest Bailey. Johnny Brady is kind of just an all around assassin. Damn, man when Jake Kuyzk was there I think I blew my load watching him jib. (Laughing) That guy is fucking good. Oh fuck, Brandon Hobush too, he’s next level.

Damn hippies. Photo: Alex Mertz

Right Brain/Left Brain was a huge success this year and you got ender. Was that a fun project to work on?

Yeah! I think Burtner did a great job. As for having the last part, I was thankful but I think anyone in the video could have had it.

It seemed like everyone involved worked their asses off.  Who had your favorite part(s)?

Nick Visconti, Sean Genovese, Chris Larsen, Chris Beresford, Jess Kimura. Fuck, everyone had an amazing part.

It seemed like almost the whole crew stayed healthy the whole season, which is a rarity when filming. How are you doing as far as injuries?

Good. I’m just dealing with old age.

How old are you?

(Laughing) I’m 26.

That’s like a 100 in snowboard years.

(Laughing) Other than that I’m ready to go besides these wisdom teeth and plantar facitis.

What is plantar facitis?

It’s this gnarly inflammation of a ligament in my foot. Shit sucks so bad. I get cortisone shots all the time and it rarely ever lasts.

Concrete boarding. Photo: Alex Mertz

Whoa that sounds gnarly. Good thing 32 boots are comfy.

Yeah their shit is awesome.

Aren’t they making a team video too?

Yeah they are making an AM team video. It actually has crazy potential to be a banger. Chris Brewster, Dylan Alito, Brandon Hobush, and possibly Johnny Lazz among others. Those dudes are all crazy talented.

There are so many video projects. Are you going to film for both the CAPiTA movie and Think Thank or do you have to choose one?

I think CAPiTA is my main priority but I might try to get a Think Thank cameo.

Awesome. Any last words, anyone you want to thank, etc.?

Yeah. Thanks to my family, my awesome friends, all of my sponsors and anybody that enjoys snowboarding.

Ok. Get out there and shred some pow.

(Laughing) On my way…

Now watch Scott’s part from last year (don’t worry, the watermark goes away)

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  1. Raymond Williams
    Raymond Williams says:

    Seems like a good guy, great shred. But this was one boring interview…you know how good interviews flow like a conversation and have interesting questions? This one had none of that. My advice — instead of “yes/no” questions that the interviewee has to add filler to, try to think of questions that could have a more varied response.

    Cry kids, critical feedback is hard for snowboarders.

  2. Jack
    Jack says:

    Yeah Scott! killin it as my favorite snowboarder! couldnt make it up to HCSC this year, but next year for sure! see ya then and get ready to get owned trampskating!

  3. Fonzie
    Fonzie says:

    This guy is one of my favorite riders out there. Creative, clean style, some weirdness mixed in, and a great attitude. It was cool meeting him at the Seattle Think Thank Premiere, nice dude for sure.

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