Behind the Shot: Dylan Hart

It’s official: Not even the entire wakeboard industry can fuck with Bulgaria. Dylan Hart’s shot of Nick Ennen, complete with a MST3000 theme fought the good fight, but in the end our champ continued on. It has one more week to go, but in the meantime, here’s the story of how this shot came to be.

The shot was taken in Bellingham, WA during a cold freeze last winter.  Pro Wakeboarder/Snowboarder Nick Ennen has been killing it lately and this session was no exception.  Having hit the wall a year prior, Nick was pumped to go back and get his redemption song.  More importantly, this time around the shots were being captured for our film: “The Saturday Night Ride

Using secret technologies that once only were available to muddy swamp gnomes, Nick was able to get enough speed for this wallride feature.  We had to string extension cords through an alleyway to someone’s house, were we tapped into their power in trade for 24 microbrews.  We were pretty lucky to be out in the middle of town, in the middle of the night, with our generator, and not get busted or harassed.  In fact, I got a chickies phone number and we went back a few nights later where I got a different angle with better lighting.  I like the horizontal shot better, but as you can see in the photo, it didn’t work out all the way.

Shot with a Canon 1D MK ll, 70-200 L, 2 speedlights, and 1 Elinchrome Quadra pack.

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