1817’s Super Spooky Premiere Pics

The House of 1817 Movie premiered October 20th in Minnesota. With it being all hallows eve, there were some epic costumes and a couple snowboards given away for the very best ones. Highlights included but were not limited to:

-Victor Simco with the most disturbing costume of the night, “naughty Mrs. Claus”

-Dan Mueller as Jesus

-Jordan Michelot as Hunter S. Thompson Rufio.

-Cody Beiersdorf and Cody’s main squeeze Kelsey as Beetlejuice and Lydia

-Jonas Michelot as Coolio

But if you want to see pictures and know who won the costume contest, you’ll have to head over to the 1817 blog and read all about it.

photos by Ryan Taylor

  • jordan was rufio, not hunter.

  • my bad, i totally wasn’t there. FIXED IT!