2010 Costume Review: What the Pros Are Wearing

Fall is a special time of the year. The leaves fall. The mercury drops. Little boys and girls get to go to Ski Swaps with Daddy. Jibyards are built, and the snow season seems so close. There is a roadblock though. It’s called Halloween. A day young adults and aging idiots of the American landscape poison themselves on candy, drugs and liquor of all sorts for anywhere between one and five nights. We hail Satan, worship the dead, break shit and generally cause enough ruckus to join Jesus’ blacklist. Oh, and let’s not forget that this is the one time of year girls have decided it is ok to be as slutty as humanly possible. What a holiday.

The Dingo came to the office to show off his new “Tron” inspired costume. He’s a major fan of the nightlife and since hearing that  Daft Punk collaborated with Disney to create the new “Tron” soundtrack he can’t shut up about the outfits. Rumor has it Dingo had to fight a little kid  for this costume, and it looks like that youngster might be wedged between Dingo’s legs.

Louie Vito came over with the Dingo in this penis-inspired peanut suit. Apparently Louie wanted to be a giraffe for Halloween. Rather than tall, Louie was forced to go small. This was the only costume in his size.

Stevie Bell emailed us this photo after learning about all the other athletes that send dick pics around. We aren’t sure if it’s a costume or not, but he and Louie would make a great team this weekend.

Ben Bilocq is so excited about being Avril Lavigne or whatever her name is this Halloween. It took weeks of shopping at Hot Topic and Zumiez, but Ben finally got all the essential items together. Rumor has it all of the Videograss boys are sporting their dirty little secrets this year.

See what I mean? Nick Dirks and Jarad Hadi are so convincing as Mike “The Situation” and Pauly D from their favorite show Jersey Shore that the paparazzi accidentally put them on MTV’s website. Look for these two hunks at a club near you!

Think Thank superstar Ben Bogart stopped by to have his Promo Shot taken weeks ago, after he’d gotten off work. Anyway, we don’t know what Ben does from 11PM until 5AM, but he promised us this would be his Halloween Costume this year. If you’re in Utah, and have a vagina, watch out.

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  1. widerTHAN
    widerTHAN says:

    Chode alert!!!
    Great photoshop/captioning my friends. And guess who just got an MCA?…Party on Wayne.

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