YKWII’s Share the Wealth FULL MOVIE

The Pacific Northwest’s premier homie flick has struck again, this year with the much improved “Share the Wealth.” Don’t believe me? I don’t care, with a strong opening from Seth Kitzke, all sorts of hammers sprinkled throughout and a few feet of footy from some of Washington’s hotshots this group is on the rise, enjoy.

  • rkelly

    danm that was good…besides the supermario/dubstep beat but bone thugs made up for it…..do work!

  • commentor

    that was awesome.

  • Gary Glitterr


  • Skunky J

    Caught this at the Seattle F’It premiere. Great Flick!

  • BerntTaters

    those lightburns are over the top, must remind tommy of yoke bumps.

  • icecoast

    sick movie, @ 3:36 homie didnt land that tho. haha

  • Garvie

    These dudes rip!!!

  • Yea Austin..doing work and putting on the skeeezee! ha

  • Kyle

    anyone know the songs???????????

  • dori

    seth kitzke song????