Doom/Love and Butteryfresh present their first all-snow movie.

Filmed all over Alaska
Featuring: Alaskan riders.
Filmed by: A bunch of friends

Yes there is skiing in this too. Deal with it.

  • Caaaaaan you feeeeel the looooove toniiiiight?

  • Gary Glitterr

    time is money and you wasted both

  • Watching this just made me wish I could grow a beard

  • wildo

    what the random sponsors

  • carl

    state farm insurance?

  • Wasnt bad, cept there was skiing.

  • jerm

    if you get rid of all the talking its a pretty good movie

  • hoodie5704

    perhaps some of these dudes just work at the “random” company/sponsors?

  • great job crew, support it for what it is, go talk shit behind your computer screen on TMZ Dylan, jerm, carl, wildo, Gary

  • poop

    dont get so defensive you pussy. plus, gary was the only one that actually dissed it. even jerm said it was pretty good.

  • jerm

    ^already did. this is #2 on my list of sites to talk shit on.

  • Ooze

    Yeah I know the general consensus is the snowboardingskiing war is over and we should love each other and probably start mating. Hear me out, though: If we keep mixing these two sports people will inevitably compare the two. And guess who looks like they go bigger, faster, AND have extra gear to let go when bailing? I though so, too.

    You just don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, and you don’t bring a board to a ski flick!

  • rkelly

    people that get offended by jerm make my day better, he’ll probally have his own show one of these days

  • Poo Farts


    I can feel the love for both snowboarding and Alaska, respect.

    Got great insight on life in AK.

    Real talk…

  • god

    afterlame re-make?

  • matt

    yeah constructive criticism never hurt man. good movie though

  • steve

    The whole halloween contest part was great. I liked seeing how it showed all the work behind building one good feature and that contest just looked like fun times in general. I’m so ready for the season to start