WTF Wednesday: Matt Hogan


Whistler park laps look really fun. Please enjoy this video of Matt Hogan doing some of them last season. Edit by Ian Turner

  • kitzke

    i have never seen so much use of slow mo ramping crap

  • Jamba Jewz

    ramp much? learn how to use it faggot.

  • your mother

    wtf is this shit? DSLR GONE WRONG. stick with PHOTOS MATE

  • Jordan

    Shits tight man, gets me stoked on riding

  • ugh

    matt hogan’s park lap got raped by slow motion effects

  • Chrismafugincloud

    i want my money back.

  • adk_pete

    that noise!!! christ almighty

  • jerm

    hahaha first time i watched this was without sound so i just thought the player was fucking up. then after reading the comments i had to watch it again. hahaha so good. the ramp master 5000

  • I agree the ramping was a bit excessive…

    however I REALLY liked this edit…
    can’t put my finger on it…

    maybe I’m hogans distant uncle and am biologically predisposition to like it…

    not too sure on this one…

  • rkelly

    nintendo sponsor….so good

  • quinn

    at least sam cooke is good…

  • Matty b

    abuse ramper

  • icarus

    Haters Gonna Hate?

    Also, the segment he does is just quick edits of raw footage. Music is good.

    Makes me wanna ride at least.

  • hater

    ^the icarus program is hands down the lamest thing you could do in snowboarding, solidifies snowboarding a “sport” cause you got rich kids paying for coaches.

  • steezymcgeezycrapchonweezy

    dam dog! dat wuz ill shitz. caked get wit it chea peace im out and i farted

  • to much rrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmp

  • Trent James

    i agree icarus is, well, wack! hard to take seriously its so serious