Hey Bejing: Hu Am I? Premiere This Saturday

This post is specifically for our 53 Chinese readers. Sorry you guys have to make all our shit and we pay you poorly for it. Are you still doing that communism thing? Sounds weird. Anyway, if you’re looking for a good time this Saturday, don’t miss the premiere of Hu Am I?! Here’s all the info and the teaser in case you missed it from Mellowparks.cn:

It’s finally here! This weekend we unveil our Chinese snowboard movie ‘Hu Am I?’ with the Beijing premiere party. Showcasing a season of riding in China and featuring the country’s top snowboarders, ‘Hu Am I?’ guarantees to get you excited about the upcoming winter. The Beijing premiere party features free beer and a TON of giveaways including our Skullcandy x Hu Am I? limited edition headphones, Dakine x Mellowparks.cn backpacks and NIKE 6.0 x Hu Am I? Tees. Not only that, but every attendee gets a free copy of the ‘Hu Am I?’ DVD to take home, loaded with over 100 minutes of Chinese snowboarding goodness including our NZ trip, the NIKE 6.0 Nightrail Session, the 8th Red Bull Nanshan Open and Nitro Roadwarriors’ trip to China. Boom! If you haven’t seen the teaser already, check it here.

The party kicks off at 8pm with a beer reception, and we’ll be pressing play around 9pm. Check the map below on how to get there!

终于等到了这个星期六 由麦罗推出的中国国产的单板电影”虎 Am I?”的首映式。本片囊括了几乎所有中国最好的单板滑手们在过去的雪季里的精彩瞬间,将会点燃大家对新一雪季的热情。这样的PARTY 肯定少不了免费的啤酒,当然还有很多的奖品为幸运的你准备好了,包括有骷髅 x 虎 Am I? 限量款耳机, Dakine x Mellowparks.cn 限量款背包 å’ŒNIKE 6.0 x虎 Am I? tshirt. 不止这些所有来参加当晚party 的人都可以在第一时间获得新鲜出炉的”虎 Am I?” DVD,该DVD 收录了超过100多分钟的中国单板印象,包括新西兰单板之旅,NIKE 6.0夜场铁杆儿大赛,第八届红牛南山公开赛和NITRO Roadwarriors’s 中国只旅。如果你还没看过这部片子的片花,那就点击这里观看吧!

Party 将在晚上8点开始,片子将于晚些时候9点开始,打印一份下面的地图吧!

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  • 秋天到了,又得花钱买衣服了。卡儿没钱了~~

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