Rhode Island Backyard Sessions


Snowboarding in Rhode Island. In October.

Riders: Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, and Brian Skorupski.

Edit: Brendan Gouin

(If you want, check out the first two backyard sessions here.)

  • jerm

    way better than any dumb backyard flat box edit

  • jheels

    that was an awesome set up, looks fun

  • loony

    these duns kill it!!

  • scottie g.

    jerm said it best.

  • Flood

    Wish I had this set up in ri in 93/94.

  • samson

    get a mini ramp

  • 4one3

    ice coast killin it

  • upstatemike.

    thats the best backyard setup ive seen yet…fuck yeah!

  • scurtis

    dylan gamache..coming up hard this year

  • Colt

    Looks like a fun backyard set-up.
    Im backin it.

  • burrittoz

    for sure nice setup.
    Seems like a lot of snow to be from a rink?
    Is there something I dont know about…

  • bean

    i watched it five times.

  • pampers

    i watched it 7 times…

  • ike

    Skorupski’s gettin famous here, where’s my invite?

  • bobbyo

    marcus rand kills it.

  • rambo

    yeah east coast dudes. killing it.