ThirtyTwo’s Tripleheader in the Big Apple

On October 14, 2010, ThirtyTwo and Flour City Distribution put on the biggest premiere party to go down in NYC history. The premier premier, if you will. Bon Voyage, Right Brain Left Brain, and Cheers were shown in the basement of the Sole Tech showroom in Soho and hundreds of schweaty people piled into the underground to glimpse the videos being shown on small screens on both ends of the room. The set up made it feel like you were at a house party, rather than downtown Manhattan.

People were sitting all over the floor and knocking each other over trying to get a glimpse of Mikey LeBlanc’s ender of the century, and then knocked each other over more at the chance to give him high fives. Since almost everyone has already seen the videos at this point, it was more of a party then a premiere, which was a welcome relief from the typical boring crap (such as Absinthe’s premiere in a movie theater with no drinking and a $10 cover. No thanks.)

Jared Leto. He’s so dreamy.

While the premiere was going on, Hugo Boss (which apparently is still a company?) was filming a commercial in the street out front, but had to keep yelling “CUT” as everyone at the party opted on yelling shit at them in the background. Jared Leto was in the commercial, and stopped over to see what was up. He then expressed to me how much of a snowboarder he is, and that he loves Videograss videos. Random.

PBR and Berentzen vodka supplied free drinks all night, which led to some serious drunken ‘tards. As to be expected, after the party a crazy mob scene broke out, with kids practicing the fine art of cab surfing. If you’re not familiar with cab surfing, it involves hurling your body onto a passing taxi’s hood/roof/trunk and seeing how far you get. It normally results in a fight or someone getting hurt, and either way, is awesome to watch. This time it was stopped short however, when one kid hopped on the back of an SUV — which happened to be driven by an off-duty NYPD –who then tried to call 911 while being told to fuck off and leave. Whoops.

upstate mike, jenO, tips, dom, and scottie gallo. right before the cab surfing went down.

Once cab surfing went bust, the party moved on down to local cool kid hangout Max Fish, where I then left because I couldn’t handle all of the coolness. I’m sure it was cool though. Thanks to Dan from Flour City, Mikey LeBlanc, and Sole Tech for making this happen and getting hundreds of people out before the season started to get wasted, watch some good snowboarding, and see old friends…all for free!

— .upstate Mike Callaghan

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