Get On Board with the Hillbilly Express

Just because you snowboard in North Carolina, doesn’t mean you don’t need a nice, eco friendly way to get to the hill, right? In fact, if you snowboard in NC, you probably need all the help you can get! Enter the Hillbilly Express, the latest Grease-Powered snowboarding venture. It is a project by a group of students at the Collaborative College of Technology and Leadership in Statesville, North Carolina, where they have a graduation requirement to “complete a project that will benefit the community in a positive way.” Taylor Burns and some other students opted to convert an old school bus into a a grease-fueled shuttle between Charlotte or Statesville or Mooresville, North Carolina, and one of the ski resorts in the nearby Appalachian Mountains.

Apparently after we lovingly gave shit to the last guys with this idea, they thought hitting us up might be a good idea. For the record, they are already working with the Portland-based Grease Bus, but cannot use the name for insurance reasons. Obviously if there was a grease-option in every region that would be amazing so we are very excited about this little project! We’re trying to do our part by helping get the word out, and you can do yours by checking out the blog and maybe even donating a little cash.

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  • Thank you Brooke!

  • Andrew

    this is gonna be awesome 🙂

  • it is always easy to find good ski resorts online, but most of them are expensive but they are great anyway .~,