Johnny Brady Lays it on the Line for Hump Day


Photo: Mark Welsh, Courtesty Nitro Snowboards

Johnny Brady is a name that you should remember. He has silently been taking the Tahoe scene by storm. His skill on a board, coupled with his modesty, makes him seem twice his age. On any given night, you can find this kid strolling around Reno well past midnight and he usually has a chick on his arm and a shit-eating grin. A summer at HCSC and the support of riders like Scott Stevens and Chris Grenier in interviews, has the snowboard world buzzing about this young destroyer so listen up. — Josh Parker

Johnny: I’m nervous, man.

Parker: Why are you nervous?

I’m just going to lay it all out there for you.

(Laughing) Ok. You’re part of the new wave of dudes that High Cascade  is really backing. Ryan Paul, Brandon Hobush, and you are getting a lot of support from them. What’s up with that whole story?

The whole story with that is we are all diggers at the camp that love to snowboard. I guess HCSC sees our love and passion for it and they get hyped on us and love to watch us just go for it. Hobush and RP are two of the most humble kids out there. They just happen to also be two of the most talented snowboarders around.

How is being a new guy at the camp?

At first it’s weird because you don’t know anyone. Eventually you become a big family. There was definitely some hazing along the way.

What kind of hazing?

The FNG (Fuckin New Guy) stigma. Everyone judges you right away. They are checking to see if you are going to work hard and whether or not you are going to complain. They give you shit, and see how you deal with it. If you deal well, then it’s all gravy baby.

HCSC is known as having a lot rules. What goes on when people aren’t paying attention?

We hold “under-ragers” for the under-agers. All the kids who follow the rules hang out, drink cola, and talk about snowboarding.

I know you’re lying…

I can’t tell you the truth. What momma doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

Photo: Mark Welsh, Courtesty Nitro Snowboards

So you live in Reno, what’s that like?

Ahhh man, it is shitty, but sort of awesome. Reno has two sides in my eyes. The side that is easy to get sucked into is fun but dangerous. The party life downtown, hitting up Pie-Face (Robbie Sell’s pizza joint), sandwiching girls on the dance floor, and the next thing you know it’s 8 a.m. and you’re heading to the Sands for a Bloody Mary. On the other hand, you have great skate spots, cool river stuff, and you’re really close to the mountains to get outdoorsy and adventuress. There is a rad music scene too.

What kind of music are you into?

Everything, but mostly metal. I fucking love metal. Lately, I’ve been going to some basement garage rock and indie shows.

How old are you?

Old enough to party

What age is old enough to party?

The age of consent.

So I’m guessing that means you are 18, even though the age of consent is 16 in Reno.

(Laughing) Yeah.

So how do you get into the bars?

You just have to bro down with the bouncers, make friends and shoot the shit, maybe buy them a drink. If you get in, you’re in for life. (Laughing) Yeah right. I actually just have a special piece of plastic that gets me in. It might have someone else’s name on it.

How do you wind up at the Sands at 8 a.m.?

Uhhhh. Fuck. How do I answer that?

You should answer it honestly…

Always party, never not party and then you realize you’ve had way too much vacation.

That’s pretty cryptic. How can you have way too much vacation when you’re only 18?

Well I just got fired from a job at a bread factory because I told them that I was leaving for Utah.

Is that why they fired you or is it because you were partying too hard and calling in sick?

(Laughing) That may have had something to do with it. The bread factory actually didn’t care if you partied hard, did drugs or whatever as long as it helped you do your job better. Because I was working with crazy illegal Mexicans and white trash owners, I thought I could let them know I was moving away soon and follow that up with missing a day of work. Basically, it didn’t work out.

Photo: Mark Welsh, Courtesty Nitro Snowboards

Who do you hang out with in Reno that keeps you up until 8 a.m.?

I hang out with my friends Phil and Sam. I also kick it at the Comune house, AKA party central, which is right next to the UNR dorms. Ben Rice, Andrew Brewer, Brendan Gerard, and Eric Messier. Those dudes are night owls.

Those dudes party pretty hard, how do you keep up?

I don’t keep up. No one can keep up with those guys. I just pretend that I do. I’m not as cool as they are.

So you’re deciding to make the move from Tahoe to Utah? What makes Utah better?

I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out. I don’t really want to move away from Tahoe as far as just snowboarding goes. I grew up in Tahoe and I love everything that goes on here. Utah seems like more of a central hub to get a career going in snowboarding. I think it will help my career and I will have more resources and opportunities to make shit happen.

What’s the deal with you moving there?

Tonino (Nitro TM) is getting a team house and invited some of his riders to crash there. He is providing us with resources to film and and snowmobile to sled out in the backcountry. Another of the main reasons I am going is to hang with my homies from HCSC: Bundy, Parker Duke, Brewster, and Chip. I also got a job working park staff at Brighton. Utah seems to have a good crew of fun and motivated kids and a great urban environment to get creative with. I’m stoked.

Who is living in the Nitro house?

Possibly Jonah Owen, Darrah Reid, and it’s going to be kind of a flop house for the rest of the team.

Darrah is pretty hot and you’re known as a ladies man. Well not so much a ladies man, but you are known for slaying chicks. How do you think that is going to play out?

Well Darrah is a babe and I love her, but she and I have discussed this and she is going to act as my wing-woman to help me slay other chicks. For the record, I don’t slay babes but I wish I could and I do want everyone to know that I’m single.

Photo: Mark Welsh, Courtesty Nitro Snowboards

What about that rumor about you and Desiree (Melancon)?

Do you mean the rumor that Desiree and I are getting married when she turns 30?

No that’s not the rumor I was talking about, but what’s the deal with getting married when she turns 30?

Desiree and I realized that we both have a pretty good “Palmer Point.” A Palmer Point is when you point it from the top of the Palmer Chair at Timberline to the top of the HCSC Park and go as fast as possible. We decided that if we got married and had a child, the child would not only be good looking, talented and smart, but it would undeniably have the best Palmer Point in the world.

Yeah, but why 30? Why not now?

If she doesn’t find anyone better by the time she turns 30 and I don’t find anyone better in the meantime, we are each other’s last resort.

You are definitely on the come-up in the Tahoe scene. How did that happen?

Fuck I don’t know. I don’t really film. Working park staff at Northstar and getting to board every day with a rad group of kids in addition to working at summer camp has really paid off.

You said you don’t film but don’t you have a part in the Get in the Van movie?

Well I do film, but I suck at landing tricks so I’m sharing a part with Blake Geis this year. Rob Balding (the filmer/editor) is a talented guy and the movie should turn out good.

When can everyone expect to see that movie?

Knowing Rob, it could be tomorrow or it could be in a couple months.

Who else is going to be in it?

Blake, Brandon Cocard, Dan Pitbillado, Curtis Woodman, Alex Horgan, and a few others.

Photo: Mark Welsh, Courtesty Nitro Snowboards

You’ve been doing and winning quite a few contests. Are you a contest boarder?

(Laughing) I did all right last year in the Tahoe scene as far as contests go. I think contests are fun and a good way to make money. I’d like to get into some bigger ones and push myself. Contests don’t really capture the essence of snowboarding for me though.

You say you want to do bigger contests but you just did HDHR, how big of contests are you talking?

I’ve always wanted to try and get into Dew Tour or some big slopestyle contest. I’m not really in it for the money. I really want to test myself. I wanna see how I can hang with the big guys.

What kind of features are you looking to film this season? Are you into pow or street stuff?

This season I am hoping to get into the backcountry and challenge myself. I’m not that great at landing in the pow but I want to see what I’m capable of. Other than that, I’d like to get some tech tricks on some rails and hits some big urban features. Get that street cred going….

Is there anyone else on the come up that we should know about?

Blake Geis from Oregon., Sammy Spiteri, and Durell Williams, even though he blew it and should have stuck with his baseball career.

Durell Williams. Why that guy? Is it because he’s black?

In reality, he’s only a few shades darker than I am. If he can learn how to actually turn a snowboard and ride switch, he has some pretty fiery moves and a good attitude. I know he is gonna blow up.

Photo: Mark Welsh, Courtesty Nitro Snowboards

What nationality are you anyways?

Do you want the short version or the full version?

Give me the full version

I am Pilipino, Chinese, Irish and you can throw some Spanish and Scottish in there too. I’m a mutt.

You’re so exotic, is that why the ladies love you?

Ahhh man, ummm… Well I don’t know. I guess if they do love me, that would be the reason why.

What are you talking about, you’re hooking up with a new chick every time I see you?

(Laughing) I’m on a winning streak lately. I’m trying to find that wholesome girl I can take back home to mom. I have to see what’s out there.

So you like to approach women like a buffet?

(Laughing) Yeah. Basically I’m just a young kid having fun.

Ok, anything else you want to say?

My name is Johnny. I’m right handed and I’m a Virgo, I don’t mind long walks on the beach but I would prefer to skate down the boardwalk. I want to say something funny but I don’t know what to say.

Maybe because you’re not funny?

(Laughing) Probably. Well I do want to thank a few people.

Ok go ahead.

I want to thank Tonino and Adam at Nitro, C-mac and Preston at HCSC, Thirty Two, Etnies, Castaneda and Schipani at Northstar, Stevie Bell White, Brandon Cocard, Jonah Owen, Blake Geis, my friends that help me and think I don’t suck and my family who always supports me and all the teachers in high school that said I would never amount to anything.

What have you amounted to?

A Humpday interview.


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  1. bHappy pAul
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    Durell should at least be playing Triple A baseball by now, if not bench warming for the Mets or something. Oh, and Johnny is a ManBearPig in the best way possible.

  2. Blake Geis
    Blake Geis says:

    I’d like to second johnny’s statement about durell’s baseball career, and emphasis that he also blew it by choosing his baseball career over his potential skateboard career.

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    yeah johnny brady! potential future lunch ramp gang member / club boya local, but only if he gets his shit. motha fuckers need to know cuz they not ready

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    We’re so pleased to announce Johnny Brady as the newest addition to our competitive bass team! You can now find Johnny in his new MasterBait boat MasterBaiting his rod to catch the hogs! “When you want to catch the biggest bass, MasterBait is where it’s at” – Johnny Brady

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    When the night has come
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    Your ma boy blue!

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    Johnny’s not a ladies man. He’s a grown ass woman slayer …Yeah and Darnell still can’t turn hahahaha

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    Yeah Johnny! next time im in reno i want your mom to make fried bananas with sugar on top for my hang over cure, fuck bloody marys.

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    We really need to get some things straight. We went to the sands and ordered bloody mary’s at 11 am. At 8 we were at Jackson’s buying forties of steel reserve.

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