Behind the Shot: Jonatan Nylander

Jonatan and Tanner had an interesting run in the Firing Squad, to say the least, and whether or not you agree with this shot’s defeat last week, rules are rules. JSo as usual, we asked Jonatan to tell us a little bit more about how the shot came to be:

Alright, about the shot… well, luckily I hooked up with a bunch of awesome riders during my stay around Lake Tahoe last season, pretty sweet and unexpected for me since I came all the way from the other side of the globe (Sweden). We went with a crew to Donner a few days in a row actually, this epic backcountry landscape has too much to offer for just one day. But one day we set up for this wallride, which we checked out the day before, Tanner hit it pretty big and I got another sick shot in the bag.

The real story though, is probably about the angle I had to capture the scene — lying down flat on my stomach pressed against the other wall, the wall which Tanner repeatedly was riding straight into after comming down from the wall. Thanks to Stephan Sierra and Alex Scott I’m still able to write these words today. Steph helped me to get up fast and Scotty was preventing Tanner from riding into the wall. Otherwise I used two flashes — one from the right up high on the rider and the other to lit up the kicker and graffiti.

Wanna thank all my bros from the States and Aussieland for making my trip unforgettable!

Regards, Jonatan Nylander.

Check out more of Jonatan’s work at and for the person who asked for the photo as a wallpaper (or anyone else who wants it) download it right here:


  • Steve

    Nice, I thought the wallpaper post fell by the wayside, thanks!

  • I’m mostly just happy that you spelled my name right (without the H), heaps of thanks for that!

  • Stephan

    Epic day no doubt, and this shot will forever remain an amazing shot no matter what anybody says.

  • tanner

    Thanks a lot yobeat I had a blast

  • Benny

    nice portfolio Jonatan. I really like the other angle from this session too because of the composition and the lighting. Great job!

  • Z

    This shot was tight, sorry I didn’t fight hard enough to hate more on the other photo!

  • Jon-Ton is the MAN

  • Joe

    Jonatan you got mad skillz dog! Reppin for SWEDEN!

  • Sam

    Yobeat, seriously a classy move here. Well done.