Terrible Tuesday: First Tracks with Kyle Fischer and Friends


Snowboarding happened in Utah on 10/10/2010. So run and tell that HOMEBOY!

Nothing can hold back the stoke of Kyle Fischer, Torey Lyons, Ramblin’ Rob and his bros from Massachusetts. Watch as their determination pays off.

The day before this video was filmed, Kyle met someone in the woods who told him that there was snow in the Uintas. For most of the hour long drive we were pretty sure that there wasn’t going to be any snow at all. Then to our surprise we came upon a perfect patch of board-able snow! Skate rail…Check! Homeys from back east who don’t snowboard much and don’t have boots…check! Lets do this!

  • BagsO’Ass

    Snow is so 2009

  • I want my money Torey.

  • pizza party patrick

    hidcya kidz hidya wifs

  • Mas

    Hell Yeah

  • run and tell that!!!

  • Gary

    hide ya trees, rocks and skate rails cause they be jibbin’ everything out hea’ !

  • meghan

    Gary made my day

  • burrittoz

    Mass raping in the projects

  • slayer

    18 inch stances, so hot right now…………

  • Bonzo

    Yeah Torrey!

  • based on these kids stickers i would have to say they are sponsored

  • fritz

    kyle fischer runs shit

  • peter dolche

    kyle fischer for governer

  • maysnblu

    look forward to seein much more of kfish he makes you laugh out loud love when he realized date 10-10-10 GENUINE

  • D

    F my tits I wish I could go boarding

  • matt

    fuck torey

  • Nor’east Fucktard

    Masshole for life motherfuckers

  • jerm

    you said it matt

  • I want snow, fucking westerners.

  • Mike

    What the fuck, we don’t see that shit till like February, and even then its rained away or gone within 12 hours. National perfect 10 day was a success.

  • jeff

    kyle fishers a kook.