Planet Earth’s New Perspective

First off, yes Planet Earth is still a company. They are alive and kicking, and playing with a budget from K2, which is pretty cool for them, we think. So in order to propel itself back onto the map, PE has been doing a “perspectives” series: in depth videos that tell stories about skate, snow, surf etc, you might not otherwise hear. The latest Perspectives to hit the site (that we care about) are those of the Grease Bus and Dave Seaone. The Grease Bus you may already know about, as its a supporter of this site, and we did our own Hump Day with Mike last year, but check out Planet Earth’s four-part take at

Also on the Planet Earth site is a 5-part video series and interview with Dave Seoane, including his very first snowboard video, and tons of info on how one man goes from making influential films to making furniture.

Traveling around you always see good design and it’s always a challenge to come up with good design that’s timeless. I’m not going to pay anyone to build an idea I have for something, when I can figure out how to build it myself. During that time I always had interest in building stuff with my hands, I just never thought I’d make a profession of it. I started making stuff for trade or sell it at super good prices to people I know. It’s not until the last couple of years that I did it more seriously. I’ll never stop filming its good work, and a great way to stay creative, and great to have a balance of the two.

Check out the full interview and videos at