Timberline Opening Day Video


Once the summer camps go home, Timberline is a very different place. Quieter. Less brotastic. Even without “the scene,” Timberline definitely puts other resorts “long season” claims to shame. Camps or no, it’s open pretty much year round, except for a short time in the fall. This season, an excess of leftover snow got the lifts turning early, October 1st to be exact. There were no sweet pros there, but the crew from MotiveMD shredded it to pieces all weekend. Check the edit and remember, these guys got to go snowboarding last weekend, and can go again this weekend if they want!

Edit by: Eric Pestorious

  • pitiful yobeat. just pitiful.

  • LOG

    really yobeat? come on…

  • AAA

    now thats what i call getting extremely epic in the action sports industry

  • CatSnatcher

    Cole Atencio would have absolutely SLAYED this park!…Where the hell was he????!?!?!?

  • thomas

    lucky blokes, nice little edit.

  • bro

    i just wanna see a another tail 2sev

  • Jeff

    Mt. Hood is never closed. You can always go and hike

  • Rob Field

    hahaha fukkin cole atencio snatches mad cats!

  • that chad like guy

    If your from hood or grew up there you know what’s up yo beat is fucking stupid

  • jerm

    damn that sucked

  • ryan

    I thought that video looked like a good time. if yall hate yobeat so much stop watchen the videos and go somewhere else with all the haten.

  • poop

    that looked fun, but jesus christ nobody in that vid had any style whatsoever. especially the skiers, they looked like thugged out starfishes all flailing around n shit

  • freedom86′

    Congrats to Timberline and these guys. Early October riding is whats up.

  • Blake Geis

    jerm summed it up quite eloquently

  • witt it

    givin a buch of rookies a bunch of rookie ass shots.

  • rkelly

    jerms always on point…no more to say

  • rkelly

    jerms always on point…bottom line

  • rad

    steezy edit bros

  • rodney

    T line closes for 2-3-4 weeks every september, get yo facts str8 b4 u talk shit

  • Anyone planning on filming a real opening day edit when Timberline gets snow? If so, it’d be fun to do a little competition with votes like shoot-out with video or like Snowboarder Mag’s showdown format.

    You dig?