Shaun White on the Tonight Show, again

Shaun White is making the rounds to promote the new Shaun White Skateboarding game (cause you know, he skateboards too!) and landed on Jay Leno’s couch last night. Now if you watch this embedded version, you’ll miss the part where Jay introduces Mr. Blanco as the “greatest snowboarder of all time,” which may be the funniest part of the segment. Aside from that it’s pretty much just talk about how popular Shaun is, how good at everything he is, and of course, confirmation that he WILL try to go to the Olympics again (Jay knows what the people want!) Also, given the ridiculous amount of time dedicated to talking about his tan, it seems especially lucky that Shaun opted to wear a shirt on this appearance.

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  1. Rumorator von Rumorstein
    Rumorator von Rumorstein says:

    I was fucking-off, internetting last nice and decided, “whatever I’ll I watch it.” Probably the worst 30 minutes of my recent life. Jay Leno’s show is just horrible.

    Also Jay Leno hates black people.

  2. a
    a says:

    from the still shot, I gotta say there’s a couple of humanoids that don’t look like any of the rest of the species.

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