Behind the Shot: Dylan Thompson

Another week, another Firing Squad loser. This time it was Dylan Thompson. Don’t feel bad for him though, he’s already won twice, plus we gave him this nice opportunity to rant…

This photo is of bHappy film’s Casey Detweiler. We shot it on a lovely spring day in Tahoe, whilst out adventuring with Brendan Gerard, whom many of you have probably seen a similar shot of… Anyways, we came across a rushing waterfall that went straight into a black abyss under the snow. The light was leaving rapidly but Casey and Brendan thought it would be a fun session. I set some nerd stuff up, they set a lip up and before you knew it great style was being executed flawlessly as the young lads leaped over the waterfall. The run out was tight- I was tangled in a mass of bushes shooting and praying the fellers wouldn’t slip out and plow me over. In the end both style masters bagged a shot and they both ended up on this website. The story behind the photo is having fun and not stressing out trying to make something happen.

On a side note, if I may ramble for a moment…

Photography and snowboarding are both forms of art and unfortunately for the majority of our mainstream population is not viewed in this sense. People are attracted to bright, over saturated, reproduced, perfect photographs. I know that thinking/using your brain sucks and takes too much effort (why would you analyze and think about something when you could just watch tv?) but, you can enjoy photographs more if you look past the bright colors and think about the style of the rider, photographer, maybe what went into the shot, were they having fun or just shooting to get the shot? I mean who wants to see the same photo a million times anyways? Bring style and individuality back!

  • Fresh!

  • Nice Dylan. I was bummed when I figured out how much it looked like the other one (mostly because I think that the b&w conversion you did to the first photo was sicker). But that doesn’t mean I like it any less. Keep up the good work dude. Maybe I’ll catch you guys lapping at Boreal again this winter

  • dave8

    oh cry me a river dylan

  • Cole Atencio

    dylans photos are soooo witit

  • sean

    If you truly believe you are shooting art, don’t cry because it doesn’t “sell” as well.

  • As a photographer you are expressing something to people, a view, feeling etc.

    I did not submit to win. I submitted to express my view on snowboarding, and hell- If i get the opportunity to try and write out an explanation to people, why wouldn’t I? If you don’t agree with me, good for you- do what makes you happy.

    Oh and If I wanted to “Sell” I would be shooting corporate shit recreating the same shot over and over.

  • jamba jewz

    you wish you could sell your photos. the only reason you dont is because you cant.

  • josh

    jamba, ima slit yo throat. dont talk to my girl like that.

  • Jay

    Dylan, I understand where you’re going with your last paragraph, but you’ve made yourself sound like a tool. It just sounds like you’re being sour about losing…