Terrible Tuesday: Sean Black’s New Gloves

Ever tried to send a text message on hill? Doesn’t work, does it? It’s one of the worst parts about snowboarding. But Sean Black just got some new gloves that have revolutionized his life. Watch as he demonstrates how.

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  1. LA-fudge-packing-tranny
    LA-fudge-packing-tranny says:

    I know copyright laws won’t allow them to show this, but Sean Black can still give killer handys with those gloves.

  2. Zach
    Zach says:

    This is the gayest shit, was it supost to be funny? why is yobeat alwayz puttin up whakest videos . you guyz are jus having so much fun out there .keep up the happy times!!

  3. Pitter
    Pitter says:

    Why do you need to update your facebook page when your snowboarding? Don’t smart phones run interference with avalanche beacons? Turn your phone off asshole your snowboarding!

  4. Jim RIppey
    Jim RIppey says:

    No. Infact if you have the application iPhones act as avalanch beacons. Those motherfuckers at isotoner should win the Nobel peice prize.

  5. BagsO'Ass
    BagsO'Ass says:

    I like the iProbe/antenna accessory that syncs up with my iPhone beacon ap. It automatically updates my Facebook and Twitter when I use them. “Dan is stuck in an avi again, lol!”

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