Snowboarders Are Almost as Important as the Prez

Here’s a little gem we just unearthed over at VHS. Apparently snowboarding is so big time now, that Mason Aguirre and Eddie Wall were invited to throw the opening pitch at a Dodgers game (or Mammoth was doing some promo at Dodgers Stadium, either way.) Not really into baseball, but that seems pretty damn sweet. Even better though, is the fact that Eddie apparently didn’t know how to throw a baseball, so he had to practice before he went. So much for that all-American boy thing he was almost pulling off.

Link: Videohypershred

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  1. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Ha, so three things stuck out there for me.

    Firstly: Somebody maybe should’ve told Eddie that you don’t pitch from third base, no wonder his arm hurt on that practice throw…
    Second: Seriously Dodger Stadium? Your jumbotron is a giant IPod?? Kinda gay.
    And C: Does nobody go to Dodgers games? Those bleachers had less of a crowd than a high school debate team!

    And I have to admit, I was really hoping that Eddie totally fucked up and beamed the camera man in right in the lens

  2. americuh
    americuh says:


    I think you meant 2nd base, not 3rd. He was close to 2nd base when warming up, but I’ll let that one slide. However, he was warming up on a little league field. The mound is closer to home plate on the smaller field he was warming up on, so Eddie was probably standing by 2nd to throw from a distance similar to the distance from home to the mound on a major league field. Baseball is a real sport, snowboarding is for busters.

  3. americuh
    americuh says:

    Oh, and Dodger’s fans are notorious for showing up late and leaving early. That’s probably why no one was in the stands. It’s LA, gotta be fashionably late.

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