Baw Baw’din Episode 7 (Season Finale)


We laughed, we cried, we even though about going to Australia. This is the final episode of Baw Baw’din for the summer, er, winter, so thanks to Trash Films for making fun videos we’ve enjoyed watching.

Baw Baw’din spring edition.

Somehow we managed to squeeze out an EP in one day.

The bearded ciggie pack, trotty deathy cheaty, Nate diggity dogg orton and, lil bow wow, i mean Alex “chomps” Orton all pulling out some sweet moves on their skii boards.

No double corks, no hand rails, no cliche “shots of the boys on the chair lift”, no 2013 boards, no bungee’s and for fucks sake and thank god no GO PRO’s!!!

Thanks to everyone who made this happen.

Forum snowboards!!, jumped on the band wagon without hesitation, without them i would probably still be at the bar sulking.
Chelle at baw baw for putting up with our late arrivals and general uselessness. All the park crew Tim, Al & Dan for their help, shaping, ideas and all round crucial input to thee season. Also all other baw baw staff, most of em helped out in some way, lifties and sorry to ski patrol for keeping your job interesting.

Last but not least, Transfer magazine for making this happen from a little yellow bird conversation between the ‘Burg & Trash, which then bloomed into what Baw Baw’din is today.


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  1. mark style
    mark style says:

    That totally makes me want to bungee into a huge jump on my next years board, throw a double cork onto a handrail and film it all with my go pro and send it to these haters.

  2. mc
    mc says:

    has hating on haters been done yet? does that make you a hater hater? You are onto some future shit Mark Style!

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