A full-length snowboard film from Bozeman, MT based This Is Productions.

Riding by Shane Stalling, Kevin Fischer, Tyrel Thornton, Phil Weiss, Jess Gentner, Miah Favara, Joe Pope, Luke Anderson, Andy Hahn, Nathaniel Murphy and Isaac Fleming. Sponsored by World Boards

Yes, you just watched it for free here, but if you want to purchase a digital download for your iPod or whatever, you can do so at http://www.worldboards.com/

  • SS

    MFYGzz. nice work Miah.

  • ka

    “iam 29 now, there is no future, but go out and filming tricks is the most fun u can have” or similar. That sentence made the whole movie really enjoiable for me. I really like that and it sounded like straight from the heart.

    somebody who is on facebook sent it to shaun ,so maybe he will be less retarded in the future. 😀

  • Bruce Saggin

    Yah J!

  • Nice work guys! I really enjoyed this. I felt a little of that Robot Food spirit in there. made me want to ride some pow.

  • Very robotfood, which is a good thing. Never got bored. Awesome job

  • karnkarn

    very chill. good vibes. good pow. #1 fun

  • Gerg!

    Back rodeo hand plant… LOVE IT! (use of titles would help us follow who is who in the interviews). Nice work, I want to move to Montana!

  • todd “danger” kirby

    OmG! I lUV world Boards!
    that guy matt that works there is way hawter than coops, wayyy hotter!

  • young gun

    MFYG 4 LIFE!!!!! dont move to montana. as u can see it sucks a D!

  • boardjumpz

    Loved it. Looking forward to another release from you guys- and I’m definitely making a trip up there this winter

  • Briguy

    whats the deal with the music? killed the movie for me

  • snowboard

    dopeeeee loved the vibe from this

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  • wildo

    yeah, not feeling the music or interview nonsense but riding was ill

  • kedo

    just awful snowboarding couldnt bare to watch more than 50% of it, i needed to go and slit my wrists so i could mask the emotional pain from watching this video with some physical pain. All i want to know is who gave these beginners those 2010 capitas and then i want to lynch that person and take his job because capita is awesome, but these kids are not. please send hatemail i probably deserve it.

  • kedo

    p.s. dont ever compare this garbage to robotfood. Your just making yourself sound like a moron. Pierre could shit a better movie than this, hell i bet his shit could make a better movie than this. May god have mercy on your soul for making such an ignorant comment cause he knows i wont.

  • young gun

    hey kedo, i heard u made a movie. super excited to see it. maybe yobeat can post that for us so we can see u getin B-ramed

  • I heard about Kedo’s movie 2 dudes 1 snowboard

  • pope

    Nice work Mia and the rest…that was fun to watch, and simple…I like simple. The pow shots behind the car were refreshing, almost like you just could not get enough powder…so cool!

  • HawtMatt

    Dang, very cool! I had no idea you guys were even close to that good, especially Fischer. 2:02, 2:10, 10:44, and 15:17 all got me excited to see snow. Thanks for the stoke and come by the shop anytime for a complimentary pat on the back.

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