Diamond Donny Reviews the K2 WWW


Remember how snowboarding is supposed to be fun? Or at least that’s what you tell your friends, ‘cuz come on, we know you just wanna go pro. Anyway, this board is fun. It oozes fun. You get on it and BOOM, you’re having fun. This stick is loose, limp loose, loose as a goose. If you’re into getting wild, and having 100% control over your board, then this is your shit. It ollies, it cracks, it whips, it snaps and all that other shit. It’s wide and feels amazing under you. Mount it and feel like a man. I highly recommend this board, unless you want to go to the Olympics or drop out of a helicopter, but otherwise, grab it and go, you’ll love me for it.

Sizes: 145, 148, 152, 155 regular. 153, 156, 159 wide.

Official pitch: Mad lines and original art define the 2010-11 K2 World Wide Weaponâ„¢ (WWW) snowboard. Diecut ptex topsheet lays over freakshow ogres, beastly fiends and modern mayhem. The JIBTIP/JIB ROCKER combo is evidence of the urban madness built into the WWW — allowing riders to shrink a board size without compromising edge control or pressing prowess. Inspired, tested and proven for park anarchy, WWW is stricken with a violent addiction to freestyle progression.

  • Steve

    Wheres the video?

  • admin

    Sorry. Nick is bad at the Internet.

  • Ralph

    Diamond Donny, how can I use opposite magnetic poles to not hit my head off the lip doing a frontflip?

  • pat

    Does anyone else think this guy is annoying? Yobeat, if you ever think anyone will ever watch a whole board review edit with this guy, you are mistaken. One piece of advice, cut Diamond Donny. He sucks…big time. PLEASE SHUT UP AND GET OFF THE INTERNET!

  • jim reid

    Does anyone else think this guy is annoying? Pat, if you ever think anyone will ever read one of your post all the way to the end, you are mistaken. One piece of advice, cut pat. He sucks…big time. PLEASE SHUT UP AND GET OFF THE INTERNET!

  • niko

    i love watching this crazy ass little man. it makes my day

  • aaron fraher

    donny is the fuckin man

  • kyle

    dear pat,
    go to hell. lipton is the shit.
    speaking of shit, eat it and die.
    thats all

  • Ryanmo

    I’m sitting here in class, scrolling through yobeat, just wanna say i love this board, super responsive in so many ways, the teacher is coming

  • gucci

    way better than the last one. good review.

  • i love you nick!

  • fritz

    hey pat, if you don’t like diamond donny, you don’t like america. so i suggest you back the fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up.

  • gram

    I remember years ago when you told me 270s were for jocks. funny.

    and pat, you’re a dummy.

  • Dave7

    Dave thinks pat is a fuck-tard

    Dave also loves Donny

  • Fonzie

    owwwwwllies and stuff! My buddy has been eye’n this board, I’ll have to show him this review. Should seal the deal.

  • tdannyk

    hahaha kyle talking shit to one of his friends without knowing it.
    and nick you forgot to mention thats a burton graphic from two years ago.

  • kyle fisher and pat herrington

    nick lipton is the new zach golden

  • danP

    Pat’s an idiot. Donny, you’re the shit.

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