High Fives with Todd Richards Strikes Back


Todd Richards doesn’t need an introduction. High Fives with Todd Richards doesn’t need an introduction. If you feel differently, well where the hell have you been? All you need to know is Todd Loves Star Wars, but not as much as he loves himself or one, but not both, of his kids. So without anymore blah, blah, blah Todd strikes back.

It’s been awhile since the last High Fives, why did you leave?

I didn’t leave, I just didn’t call back. I thought Yobeat was turning into warmed over shit sandwiches and I was partially responsible.

Did you come back because you missed me, because you like to hear yourself talk or because you felt bad for us?

It was just time to say something. I think I like Diamond Donny more than I like you, Nick. Stay in character.

How has life changed since leaving Yobeat? How is your own blogging career going?

Well, there have been some changes in my life. I’m a woman now, so that’s pretty new. A lot of adjusting for the family and all. Figuring out that I can’t just stand and pee anymore, buying make up, you know stuff like that. Life doesn’t change Nick, you just get more bored or less bored.

Do you watch Tosh.0? Would you like to do a show that doesn’t involve jocks or MTV2?

I love Tosh.0, he is amazing. Just the other day there was some wildebeest on a swing set and she tried to jump off and basically landed on her lips. As long as he keeps delivering that kind of stuff, I’m a fan for life.

Have you lost faith in the Obama administration or do you think he’s just getting cock-blocked by politics?

Why do I even care? We have less than two years left of life on this earth as a species. Fucking live it up why you can people because when Nibiru comes back we are all getting canceled as a series. Oh what? You believe that some skinny dude from the desert is the son of god but not in inter-dimensional space overlords?

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  1. Satan's Horticulturist
    Satan's Horticulturist says:

    Gotta love Zecharia Sitchin, and I heard that skinny dude from the desert has a talking snake…. true story….

  2. Estes
    Estes says:

    Todd must’ve been told that his absence from Yobeat tore down his market value and therefore his ‘milkman’ contracts might be close to drying up. I wouldn’t say such a mean thing if the fucker would just follow me back on Twitter- But NOOOO! He’s too cool for his longtime, unconditional loving friends. DON’T MAKE ME BREAK OUT THE QUIMBOLA MAN AD OF YOU!! OR THAT GREAT ROUND OF AIRWALK ADS WE ALL GOT! (don’t follow @btoddrichards on twitter!) When’s the next speed trap tweet?

  3. jarred
    jarred says:

    Would’nt you say there is just a little disconnect between the title and intro of this post and its content? I just got redirected to this site mid jerk after googling light sabre reach around and If it wasn’t for that girl contributor Patricia, I never wouldve came. assholes

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