Donny Diamond’s Review: Bataleon Airobic


In the wild world of snowboard technology, product progression, bells and whistles and innovative technologies the Bataleon Snowboarding brand has always stood their ground as a “different” type of board maker. Their patented triple base technology has been a staple feature for years, but lately new age selling points like reverse camber have creeped their way in as well. This board though, the Bataleon Airobic, is an original camber rider’s wet dream. In an industry that has changed the jib board from a softer and wider park board to an all out noodle many riders unwilling to jump on the reverse camber train will find comfort knowing the Bataleon Airobic is as regular camber as it gets. With regular camber, triple base technolgy (honestly helps the speed and sharpness of your turns) and a soft flex pattern this is one board that can not only hold a press, but will be more stable off larger jumps and less chattery when pointing it down the hard pack. If you want a more well rounded and versatile shred stick that is still capable of pressing and popping in the jib park this might be the board for you. Think of it as your all-in-one, 100-day-a-year-type board. I wouldn’t take it to Alaska, and it’s not the softest board on the market, but it’s a solid snowboard that not only holds up under pressure, but allows for tweaking, pressing and sliding as well.

If you’re looking for a board that you can take all over the hill, learn everything from the big spins to the tech presses, or just aren’t interested in reverse camber than the Bataleon Airobic is something you should truly conisider.

Sizes: 147, 151, 155, 159

Official schpeil: No leotards or sweatbands here, this Airobic is strictly meant for on-snow workouts that will let you bend and flex like never before. Built on TWIN.TBT combined with a nice soft flex ratio makes this Airobic the ultimate jib stick. Our patented Triple Base Technology preloads your tail with serious Power Pop for explosive Ollie’s. This board is perfect if you ride park and street while still holding it’s own on the slopes. Yeah for it!

  • BagsO’Ass

    Lower the levels. Geez.

    • admin

      Sorry Assbags. We make Donny do his own editing.

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    fuck yea these reviews are the best

  • gucci

    donny sucks

  • ICKS

    Best. Reviews. Ever. Although I doubt anything will ever top when you asked “how does meth handle getting you HIGH?” in that Ultrafear Review. Keep the loudness coming, Donny is a voice that needs to be heard… even in the next county.

  • niko

    i would like to see one of the haters try and argue with donny face to face. it would be a damn scary and loud face. go donny

  • gucci

    and i would like to see a review from someone who can ride a damn snowboard.

  • ryan

    i agree with gucci

  • pdotcool

    it looked like he was riding that snowboard. or did i miss something?

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    ride a snowboard well sorry…

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    do you have a link where we can all watch you ride a snowboard well? i’m curious to see what that looks like.

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    this is just annoying…

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    here you go pdotcool:

  • Urghhh

    Yeah … the ridding in your vid is soooo much better than Donny … i suppose?, no wait its not.

    Not sure which getto gangsta you are supposed to be in this AWESOME video, but despite your ego, donny would ride you of the hill and beat you down son. learn some respect.

    RAWK on Donny!

  • gucci

    idk man i wasnt tapping the hell out of presses and doing weak ass boardslides like donny. no respect needed. no respected deserved.

  • Fuck ’em

    I agree with gucci…Donny’s riding was pretty effin’ weak. But gucci and his possie weren’t too impressive either…one dude was throwin’ down on some kickers, but all the jibbing was pretty mediocre. And everyone and their god damn mother films these days and thinks they’re legit…stop the bullshit and leave it up the pros, you’re not going to make a living out snowboarding…do it fun, stop filming. The END!