Be A Good American and go buy F’ It

…We say that because apparently it doesn’t work on iTunes in Europe. So basically, if you go buy it now, you’ll have it before they do in Europe, visa vis, you’ll be cooler than them. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Plus, if there’s one thing the crew at Forum/Foursquare/Special Blend definitely hasn’t failed at in the last couple seasons, it’s putting together a kick ass shred vid. Fuck it, just buy it!


F’ It, the 7th team-inspired film brought to you by Special Blend, Forum and Foursquare, is now available for purchase. DVDs can be found at select shred shops across the globe, or you can download the movie on iTunes in the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia here:

Starring Pat Moore, Jake Welch, Stevie Bell, John Jackson, Nic Sauve, Daniel Ek, Andreas Wiig, and Youngbloods Niko Cioffi, Cameron Pierce, Alek Oestreng, Austen Sweetin, Rusty Ockenden, and Mario Kaeppeli.

For more information on F’ It and the world tour currently taking place, go to, and

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  1. bakesale
    bakesale says:

    bought it, watched it, it’s average pro riding with a good soundtrack. Looks like April rolled around and someone said “oh shit, we better start filming” (with the exception of JJ)

    $10 can’t complain too much.

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