Newsflash: The Smokin’ Snowboards Guys Smoke Weed


You probably thought the guys behind Smokin’ Snowboards were serious athletes who would never dream of smoking the mary jane. You can’t pass an Olympic drug test with that shit in your urine! But apparently, “Smokin'” Jay actually named the company loosely around the fact that he smokes so much of the dope. Now thanks to Nug Magazine, all your questions about Joe, Binky, Lane, Joe and Max’s drug habits have been answered!

What was the best strain you ever grew?
JAY: Oh man, “California Orange” was some really good stuff because each crop would be like a pound more than normal. It takes a couple weeks longer, but the Cali is good. And “Purple Urkle” is great, everyone likes that. All the different kinds of Kush that are around nowadays are great too, but I like the Cali Orange because that’s the best kind to grow as far as making money goes, which back in the day is what I was trying to do. I would try to be a connoisseur too. It’s like a balancing bar when you’re trying to pick out what strains to grow. You have to ask yourself, do you want to make a lot of money? Or do you want to grow something crazy and purple for your head that’s going to produce a quarter as much but be twice as good?

Read the whole thing here. There’s some stuff about the actual snowboard company in there. And remember kids, drugs are bad!

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  1. Binky
    Binky says:

    Haters…. for the record… i love Lucas and Bradshaw… i was talking with lucas to make him part of the company but that may have sparked technine to pay him more… good for lucas… as long as he is getting paid i am stoked… and bradshaw… that guy is one of the best talents and most amazing people in the industry… i never had him nor had talks with him… if he wasnt helping to keep technine alive he would be helping out the great folks at 32… dont hate when you dont know…

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