Ted Lavoie Actually Snowboards


Ted specifically put together this video to “show people I actually do ride a snowboard.” Didn’t know there was any confusion, and since he rides it well, watch it. Filmed by Roobs and Dangler.

  • fred

    big air terry! fuck yeah

  • brandon griffin


  • karnkarn

    yeahh Ted!

  • So ya…that was nice. Good bawdin teddy!

  • matt


  • fred2

    hows your asshole

  • csm


  • fritz

    yeah bud-eeee
    ted you da man

  • brendon hupp

    fuck yeah teddy

  • bobbyo

    F’ya terry!

  • gucci

    he still sucks

  • tanner


  • scott dude

    Lavoie, you’re a phenomenon.

  • ryan

    terry lawoie!!!!

  • karnkarn

    gucci must burn at the stake

  • jamie

    yeah ted!!!