Terrible Tuesday: Party Like an Animal with Brandon Hammid

Brandon Hammid may be the missing link. At least when he parties: like an animal in the wild.

  • fred

    holy shit that was the best video ive ever seen

  • boardjumpz


  • CHIP


  • a.

    I haven’t seen a Jump Through The Fire Guy in a bit. Good vid.

  • Darker Puke

    vacation jesus!!!

  • H MAN


  • Sean

    CHREME the BEAST!!!!!!!

  • hondo

    he’s so strong

  • colleen

    haha Pat, these keep getting better and better…

  • Jesus

    I can’t stop watching this majestic creature

  • Josh Fisher


  • ben

    pat, best tuesday yet

  • spanks

    hes just, so wild, good lord.

  • alexa


  • FTDK


  • ShaneS

    Best video i have seen on yobeat ever. thank you.

  • karnkarn

    this vid is hilarious. thanks

  • Hakeem

    Dat bitch iz crazy!

  • danP

    hahaha what a shit show