Meet: Green Bandit Productions

Thought we might be done with this film crew profiles, now that the full movies are dropping left and right, but in true Rutland fashion, Niko and the boys at GBP finally gave us the dirt on the crew and their new movie. You think you know Rutland, but you have no idea.

Location: Rutland/Tahoe
Riders: Niko, Lucas, Matt, Ryan, Peter, Shane, Caked, Dave, Dylan, Tyler, Sawyer and everyone else who gets shots
Filmer/Editor: Zach Lefter

YoBeat: Explain something for me: what’s GBP and what’s Gremlinz? Is there is a difference? Am I just retarded?

Niko: GBP is just our production name i guess(Green Bandit Productions) and Gremlinz is more like us and the name of our next movie.

This will be the 3rd movie right? So is it gonna be in 3d?

Yeah, of course

The Gremlinz moved to Tahoe this year, how will that effect the movie?

We’ve been in the mix for years, slowly growing in numbers. Now you can expect more pow shots, but we haven’t been doin’ as much filming as we should. It’s hard to survive with no money in Cali, but I would say it turned out good.

Will there still be plenty of Rutland antics?

Yeah, that’s the best stuff there will always be antics still tryin’ to get some more party and fights shots to round the movie out.

How many things get lit on fire?

Thousands of moles

What else can the people expect from the movie?

To be entertained and there is always more to it than you see the first time around. Zach’s nice with it. We’ll be putting out a short teaser slash movie this year like in a month or whenever we feel it, then next year the official GremlinZ movie will be out.

Just out of curiosity, who from Rutland actually has their shit together enough to make this happen?

If someone had their shit together a lot more would be happening.

Who do you think will have the best stunts in the movie?

Shane got his shit together a little more than usually this year (didn’t live with the pack) and it helped him get upside down twice several different ways.

What do you think makes a snowboard video good?

Everything, but snowboarding lifeys, fights, parties, sorta like the old Whiskey videos.

Who influences you guys?

A lot of people do. People who snowboard and people who don’t, just people who are living right. sababa

Filming/editing set up?

Zach’s got a HD and a office set up with this big flatscreen thanks to our homie db, the boys didn’t get everything.

When will Gremlinz drop and where can people see it?

Who knows. It will be online, that’s for sure and there is always the Rutland premiere during Christmas break. Get wit it. We have a new website in the works that will be dropping sooner then later right now if you want information on our Gremlin activities peep our facebook page. Rutland all day everyday.

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