The Feeders Attack the Mall!

Where do all great snowboard careers start? Well, the mall, OBVIOUSLY! Maybe that hasn’t been true in the past, but now, you never know. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Downtown Throwdown, you kids have to qualify, so don’t miss the Feeders events coming soon to a mall near you (if you live in Washington.) More info:

Snowboy Productions, along with title sponsor Lib Tech, are stoked to announce the addition of The Feeders! to the Downtown Throwdown (DTTD) urban snowboarding event. The Feeders! will be happening during consecutive Saturdays in September at Zumiez locations in Spokane, WA, Auburn, WA and Clackamas, OR.

“The idea was born out of the success of the DTTD” says Snowboy Productions’ Krush Kulesza. “The DTTD has grown so big that it was just about impossible for a local shred to get into the event, so we decided to make The Feeders! to open that door.”

Local riders will compete at each stop for prizes, and the winner of each event will get an invite to Lib Tech’s 5th Annual DTTD in Seattle on October 9th. The winners from The Feeders! will be going up against amazing riders from all over North America, such as last year’s winners Nick Visconti, Forest Bailey, and Scott Stevens.

“The Feeders! makes the DTTD party go on for a whole extra month!” says Lib Tech’s Pete Saari. “These kids are gonna go bananas!”.

Whether you are competing or just checking out the action, you’ll have a great time. “We’re definitely excited about this event… snowboarding in the city, in September? Why wouldn’t you be?” asks Zumiez’s Jami Davis.

Thanks to Lib Tech, Zumiez, Jones Soda Co., Skullcandy, Vans, Snowboarder Magazine, and Think Thank for making The Feeders! a reality.

Event: 1-3pm
Spokane Valley Mall- Spokane, WA: September 11, 2010
SuperMall- Auburn, WA: September 18, 2010
Clackamas Town Center- Clackamas, WA: September 25, 2010

To register for The Feeders! go to

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