Right Brain, Left Brain Super Post


High on the list of our favorite people in snowboarding is Jesse Burtner. You may not think that as we’ve failed to post any of the micro-teasers for Right Brain, Left Brain as they came out. We were waiting for just the right moment, a time when we could make a post that would truly capture the essence of the movie, which is being heralded as Think Thank’s BEST YET. Or it just seemed hard to post they all separately. Either way, it’s time. So watch all of these closely, then head out to your local shop and get the special collector’s edition before they run out too.


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  1. ben strause
    ben strause says:

    watching it right now, absolutely amazing, i cant imagine liking a part more than nick’s this year

  2. burritosandsnow
    burritosandsnow says:

    seriously floored by Jess’s part she fucking killed it. Burtner’s Visconti’s and Stevens’ part were other first watch stand outs. Second and third looks got my hyped more on Larson’s Bogart’s Genovese’s and Beresford’s parts…. such a great flick

  3. 抓姦
    抓姦 says:

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