Public Paradise 5ive


Think you need an organized summer camp to have fun on Mt. Hood? THINK AGAIN. The public park has moved due North to the old home of High Cascade, and the hard-cores are living it up, lifeline free! Intern Jeff stuck it out and put together one last Public Paradise for your viewing pleasure. Summer ain’t over yet!

  • dave

    im still confused on the whole wearing a facemask in the summer look?

  • dave2

    so you dont get fried up

  • TSM

    nice edit, jeff.

  • dave3

    Does sunscreen and not being outside between 10am and 2pm confuse you too?

  • dave4

    this is the best video of all time.

  • dave5

    since when are there so many daves?

  • dave6

    ya dave5, i know where youre coming from…I want to be dave1 or just dave, but nooooo, i cant be cause some transworld asshole took my name.

  • dave7

    my name is not really dave

  • dave8

    me either