Videograss World Premiere and After Party


Mikey LeBlanc a.k.a “Brick of Cement” preparing an eager crowd.

The sun rose slowly, as if sympathetically, the morning after Videograss premiered its latest effort Bon Voyage. As night fell to day, Darrell Mathes slept deeply in the comfort of his own bed, hobos purchased train tickets with Will Tuddenham’s debit card, underage shredders wandered sluggishly through the streets, someone new owned Snowboarder Mag Web Editor Laura Austin’s thousand dollar camera, countless strippers clutched an amazing Monday night haul, Jordan Mendenhall wished his toeless cell-mate goodbye and plenty of others sat behind bars.

Videograss’s Bon Voyage may be my favorite video since Kids Know released Love/Hate, and the public seems to share my sentiment. Combined, the celebrity guest list (including “Weird Al” Yankovic) that drained the bar and the never ending public attendance, quickly pushed the theater to add a third showing to the premiere schedule, and even then, many would not get to see the video that night.


This is either Mike Hakker or Lance Hakker, depending on who you would rather see.

Those that caught a glimpse were not disappointed. Justin Meyer’s ability to edit is undeniable. Ashbury art man Mike Hakker created a personal touch through hand drawn introductions. The soundtrack fucking delivers, turning tight pants kids into sketchy rock gods and the baggier lot into full blown gutter lovin’ gangsters. And while my VG boner is obviously erect, I’ll admit not every part in this video is mind melting, and whispered complaints could be heard about various riders all night. But that’s what fast forward is for, and with parts from Alex Cantin, Chris Grenier, LNP, Louif Paradis, Ben Bilocq and Jed Anderson (only to name a few), this movie is a worthy candidate for video of the year. The film is fast paced, gritty, and seems a refreshingly raw look at snowboarding. Oh, and Mikey LeBlanc, 20 years into his career, filmed an ender that shit on snowboarding, logic and the concept of age, all at once.

Welp, cool video guys, but premieres are just excuses to party, and everyone was looking forward to a night of nonsense, debauchery and excess. The eight or so blocks between the theater and party spot “Beauty Bar” were a 14 year old’s wet dream. Snowboarders flowed in from various bars, restaurants, stained yellow corners and food carts in a mass migration to down cheap liquor and cheaper beer. Soon enough DJ Matty Mo had the Beauty Bar dance floor on fire. To loosen up, folks took advantage of a five-dollar tall can and whiskey shot special, smoked endless cigs, laughed with friends, exploded shit with Jess Kimura, started chants with Laurent and flirted with the opposite sex.


VG vet Jake O.E. shot with “Transworld” this year, but watch out for him in VG from now on.

By the time the cops showed up the Beauty Bar staff had lost control. The party had flooded into the streets. Underage kids drank freely, even using their debit cards to order the next round. The retro hair salon style seats had been destroyed, the dome-like hoods being used as helmets. Kids were diving from the second floor into a sea of partially clothed, soaking wet bodies that had filled every inch of standing room in this medium sized space. Bode Merrill pushed his freshly sewn up knee to its limits, as bloggers snapped photos from the sidewalk. Every mellow dude, adult and dickhead seemed to be loose and partying with a hazy look in their eye. Danny Scanzoni and I had peed on one another, Matty Mo had peed from behind the DJ booth, cigs were being smoked inside and the party had literally become a block party. Maybe that’s why the bear spray came out?


Does this mean fuck off or fuck me? Someone should clear up flipping the bird.

A drunken crowd hit the streets as a dozen or so officers circled the bar. Some were arrested. Some were taken to the tank. Will Bateman stashed his penis as a cop asked, “Who’s throwing shit!” People took off, flooding strip clubs and bars. Those who weren’t behind bars tried to bail out their fallen amigos (or amiga) and sketchy hookups began to unfold. Later, the night went in its many directions, some heading to Darrell’s, others to hotels and the rest to Dirks’. Rising from the fog and mystery of the night one thing rings clear, a Videograss premiere is a wild night, and Darrell Mathes should start saving for next year, when his condo will presumably receive a third annual noise complaint, fine, and visit from the police.

cops_2Third cop from the left, check the bear spray!


Harrison Gordon with a happy Ride TM Matt Sickles. Harry’s surprise VG part is a hammer.


Canadian and Airblaster Editing Guru Graham Foy showing off his a solid shiner.


Lance Hakker and Laura Austin talking “blog”. Poor laura lost her beautiful Panasonic GF1 later in the evening.


Ben Bogart showed up. Kumara showed up. Why didn’t you show up?


Salomon riders Bode Merrill and Desire Melancon moments before Bode’s new knee was put to the test on the Beauty Bar dance floor.


Nick Dirks showed up to a snowboarding event to everyone’s surprise. nima_darrah

“I don’t want my picture taken.”- A sour Nima Jalali with Peep Show killer Darrah Reid as arm candy.

annie_gabbyAnnie Fast made the trip from SoCal while Gabby Maiden made the trip from her tent in Government Camp.


Snowboarding’s hottest couple, Bonfire’s Kate and Kevin.


Matty Mo did the DJ thing well enough to cause a riot, bring the police and trash the Beauty Bar.


Danny peed on me last night during a botched “crossing swords” moment.

ben_bilocqBen “The Vampire” Bilocq filmed another amazing part this year. You should buy two copies.

brewster_gyp_2Chris Brewster celebrated his 21st birthday while Justin Keniston celebrated being underage.


Laurent Paquin and Jan hate football but love to start chants.


“Take ya’ shirt off, spin it round ya’ head like a helicopter!”

HCSC fix it man Broc cut loose, securing his place in Valhalla. dance_party_dirks

Fuck Shirts go Topless.


1. Jed Anderson’s part will melt your brain. 2. Jed Anderson is allergic to bee stings.


Jess Kimura loves beer, cigs and poppers.


No idea what Jonas Michilot is doing here.


Louif Paradis, the bird and Kate pretending to hate the camera.


Known Facts: People were arrested, the drunk tank houses people with no toes and Will Bateman almost peed on a cop.

9_couchThis doesn’t need a caption. See ya next year.

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