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Jonah’s shoelace belt looks like a giant skinny cock n’ balls.

Huge clothes, the nicest attitude, an unreal combination of tricks and talent, Oregon roots, and a pleasure to be around–Jonah Owen is on the brink of blowing up and far from blowing it. Having started riding in the Cascading foothills on some homemade p.o.s. Jonah eventually moved to Eugene, Oregon, where he had access to all of the states famous resorts. Eventually Jonah moved to SLC with now Snowboarder Mag filmer Gary McLeod. Gary often used Jonah as the star of his early productions, catapulting Jonah from young nobody to up-and-coming Am. A F.O.D.T star now, Jonah is only getting better, ballsier and more widely recognized as a serious talent.

Your shirts have gotten smaller since last summer, is that a sign of your maturation?

I’m not sure, but when you live in a real city like Portland, Oregon you discover that you can’t walk around looking like an idiot all the time. You can only get away with that in small little towns like Government Camp, and even then, you still look like an idiot.

Your buddy Lucas Magoon just got married, how do you feel about that?

Killing it. She was wearing hightops, and I think he had on a t-shirt tuxedo or something. It was in Vegas man. Elvis or something married those two. Crazy right?

jonah_2Banshee Bungee? No thanks.

How does a kid from nowhere rural Oregon get into snowboarding?

I have no idea. One day I just duct-taped rubber boots to a skateboard and went into my yard.

Was moving to hippie central Eugene, Oregon for high school a good move for you?

Yeah, I actually had a life and I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere.

If you had stayed in Jasper would you be a snowboarder or a meth cook?

Meth cook, no doubt about it. That’s where all the kids my age ended up, one trailer, cooking meth and living like shit.

So did you avoid meth completely, or has it reared it’s ugly head since leaving Jasper?

This winter actually, at a spot in Ogden, it was pretty weird dude. We found this Altoids can with a little baggie full of crystals. Then Lucas (Magoon) disappeared with it, I dunno. (Laughing) Just kidding…

jonah_3It’s called the hover. Because actually touching the rail is so boring now-a-days.

After Videograss premiered Bon Voyage at HCSC you got a little wild. After shattering the Salomon dinner table do you think they’ll ever want to sign you?

Oh man, probably not, I dunno maybe. I like Java, Java’s a good guy, and I just suplexed his kitchen table.

Why’d you decide the table needed to be cannon balled into?

No clue I was drunk. Greyhounds, delicious. Grapefruit juice and vodka. It’s delicious and you get fucked up…

After the suplex you pulled another prank at the Burton house, how do you feel about that one, hindsight being 20/20?

I like Burton, I’ve got nothing against them, but I did puke in Malinski’s boot last night, and then off the balcony multiple times.

Did you aim for the boot?

Definitely not, I don’t even remember, I don’t remember anything. No comment.


Sequence: E Stone

If you’re not a gangster why do you have such big clothes and such a tough looking dog?

Well my roommate’s dog had a litter, and I had a lacerated spleen, so I raised the litter.

How’d you lacerate your spleen?

Tacoing a triple kink. Switch lipslide gone wrong. We went to this triple down. It’s pretty big, with quick kinks. First try I popped in, got through the first kink and slipped to the side. I figured I had it, but then I pulled the good old barney move of spinning to early, catching my tail under the rail, flipping and hitting my shins on the rail, flipping and catching the corner of the kink right on my spleen and then continued to fall down the stairs. It was a nice massage. Then I sat around and watched Dylan (Thompson) hit it and he tried to frontboard it and ended up hitting his face. So about a half an hour later I lifted my pant leg and I had a two inch gash all the way down to the bone. So I went into the Urgent Care for stitches and I told them I had some side pain. So I peed into a cup, it had some blood in it and they rushed me to the hospital. Then I ended up spending four days in the ICU all by myself, just hanging out. It was sick…

jonah_7Uhhh… Oh, there he is.

You broke up with a pretty hot lady recently, are you over relationships now?

No more girlfriends, they’re for the birds. I’m a man with no plan now.

How’s it feel to be a man with no plan?

Fucking awesome, I’ve got no responsibilities what so ever and it’s sweet.

Where are you living right now?

Right here, right where I’m sitting. I’m homeless in the middle of Government, Camp.

You don’t have an apartment waiting for you somewhere?

Nope. I am officially homeless. I was living in my tent but the Sheriff kicked me out. Apparently you can not have a tent up in city limits.

Are you worried about your current homeless status?

No way, I’m pretty psyched. I mean I guess I could rent a place, but what’s the point? I’m a man with no plan remember!

jonah_5Triple cork 1440 first try, or at least that’s what I was told.

Why do you look so ripped? Do you lift weights or something?

Tofu. I eat seafood, sometimes chicken. I don’t really eat red meat that much, but every once in a while I’ll have a steak.

So you eat like a hipster, think like hippie and dress like a thug, how the hell am I supposed to generalize you?

It’s tree huggin’ thuggin’.

So do you smoke out of tie-dye bongs or big ol’ blunts?

I just keep it green man.

jonah_6Suck it David Blaine, Jonah’s got the hover on lock.

What’s the scariest thing Technine Owner Cole Taylor has ever made you do?

Steal a dumpster for our dream feature.

How did you end up stealing a dumpster?

We borrowed a Windells truck and trailer and went down to the laundromat in Sandy, threw a dumpster on the trailer and drove it up to camp.

Who would win in a fight, Cole Taylor or your Nitro TM Tonino?

Wow, that’s a tough one. I don’t know man, they’re both freaking woof. That’s something I’d love to see. Cole would probably have a bat with nails through it and Tonino would probably just have a crow bar or something. It would be like The Warriors.

jonah_houseJust jump over the house dude it’s mellow.

During the winter do you work a part time job, or can you spend all your time riding?

Pretty much snowboarding full time. Don’t really have any other hobbies in the winter. It’s kinda lame really…

I’ve heard you can keep your boots on for a while, what’s your record?

Oh probably like three or so days.

Big tits or small tits?

Big, big ol’ tatters.

Real or fake?

Oh that’s a tough one, but it totally depends on the surgeon.


Sequence: E Stone

Favorite people to ride with?

Johnny Brady is up there, (Austin) Hironaka is a good one, Dylan Thompson, anyone really, as long as they’re stoked anyway.

Cutest girl in Govi this summer?

You’re setting me up! You’re totally setting me up right now. Don’t do this to me.

Who’d you film for this year and should we care?

FODT, and it went pretty well. It’s worth watching.

Who are your sugar daddies?

Nitro, Technine, Electric, Landing, Exit Real World and Celtek.

Jonah is a man of more than mini shred, so check out the full gallery by E Stone.

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