Terrible Tuesday: Mt. Hood Party

Summer snowboarding camp is one wild party. On hill partying by Parker Worthen, Brandon Hobush, LNP, Jake Kuzyk,Justin Benne, Ben Bilocq, Ben Bogart, Matty Mo, Terrance Rooney, Kyle Fischer, Chris Bersford, Ross Phillips, Parker Duke, Castro, Alex Lopez, Scotty Stevens, Kirk Kauffman, and Ryan Paul (86).

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  1. Shatstain
    Shatstain says:

    Where are all the 360s and flips on and off of boxes!? What’s with this jumping crap? Oh yeah and more tits and ass please.

  2. tommy b
    tommy b says:

    Song: Yelawolf – “Wanna Party”

    You cant Lady GaGa me dont botha with the poker face
    I come from the bottom you aint gotta put ya dope away
    Got so many hookups i could pull a motha fuckin train
    Kitchen full of ??? … tell me what you want again? – Yela kills it! (Anyone know what the fuck he says on the last line?)

    Best two tricks are thrown down within the first minute:

    Polejam alleyoop to melon 00:24
    Front Noseblunt at 00:52 is overflowin with style.

  3. Gaups
    Gaups says:

    last trick was so ill. can’t figure out if it’s ryan paul… who cut his board down 93 style?

  4. Digler
    Digler says:

    RP’s plant and rodeo are so boss. Better seeing him doing cool stuff like that then flipping on and off of rails. LNP ssbsts 270 out was sick too.

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