Firing Squad: August 3, 2010

You know what’s worse than yellow concrete? Yellow snow. Seriously, don’t eat the yellow snow. But since you all seemed distracted by the tint of our champion’s photo last week, we figured black and white was the way to go this week. And remember, this is week four, so it’s the one time your votes actually matter in this silly battle (at least to the person who may or may not earn themselves a DAKINE camera pack…)

The Champ


The Challenger


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Think you can do better? Then quit your bitching. The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. Winners of a single battle will receive a pair of Da Kine gloves and should a photo survive 4 weeks, the photographer receives a place in the Champions Gallery and a Da Kine Camera Pack, as well as a chance to compete in the year-end Ultimate Champions battle. To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines.

  • pootie tang

    FINALLY a good photo!

  • Although the black and white is cool, I think it was maybe not the right choice for this shot cause the skater gets lost in front of those lighting fixtures in the background.

  • KD

    the contrast of the dark top against the lighting fixtures and the light pants against the dark post keeps him from getting too lost in the B&W. The champ’s photo is ill with that lighting


    The champ’s pic is so sick! it is definitely a perfectly captured moment that you could not pose, like the challenger’s. However, the challenger has a nice shot too but needs a bit more contrast

  • Respeck Zim. Respeck.

  • Penn

    poorly lit, poor composition, and poor white balance/saturation, get with it, the champ is weak. The only thing it has going for it is the timing.

  • Is the Yobeat ‘firing squad’ the new wheelsandwax?

  • Looks like someone could be getting a new camera bag!

  • Z

    Thanks for the tag Zim, that’s helpful in preventing this whiney bitch #5 from being obsessed with me. Seriously man, it’s sad you still care about me. Regardless, let the hate ensue.

  • Z

    The link on my name was for Mikal, who thinks the blunt could have been posed.

  • KD

    More hate than Kanye West’s twitter account in dese parts sometimes

  • colby strong

    i love poorly lit photos without any faces! CHAMP FTL.

  • Ballinyoface!

    Great naturallifick lighting for the champ, sharp look for the challanger. hmmm who will it be fdhjgjkhsj blah blah this shit is so wack just vote.

  • Ballinyoface!

    cobly strong likes men…

  • Shawn

    Ball in yo face is connor ose and he often has sex with ivan delean, while wearing spandex.

  • MM

    how has the champ even made it this far, that photo has such poor lighting all it has going for it is the timing, the challenger has way better comp and lighting. Hand down Challenger! on this one.

  • Oh shiiiit, is this another shot by my boy Z??? You even have video this time to show us how much better your shot could’ve been. I paused it about 3 different times that look better than the way the photog took this one. Maybe this shot was even a screen capture from a video camera? Looks like the same angle. Both of these shots suck equally but Z sucks more so I’m voting that you put a “z is a homo” button Zim. How bout it?

  • Z

    I shot the video as well you herb bitch, where are your photos, and why do you care so much about me? You have relationship issues? Please tell me you could have shot this photo better, I would love to see that shit, and thanks again Zim for supporting this little fag.

  • Facts

    This is childish, z chill man it’s a good shot now chill out. z is a homo, you sound pathetic, the only thing more played out than you is nate bozung in the interview. All this hate is rediculous, just vote for the photos, they’re both worth voting for.

  • sevo

    Challenger all the way! Top photo can eat a huge dick! Saw him giving head to a bum on the side of the road! Champ no one farted, thats just the shit in your upper lip from eating to much asshole faggot! much love more the challengers photo!

  • K

    Have to agree with Penn and MM. Have for weeks now. Honestly how did it make it this far?

  • Jihad Jerry.

    I bet you could sell a photobook of firing squad photos.

  • So I’m just gonna come out and say that the whole Z vs Anit-Z battle is getting played. It was fun, but now it’s just turning into an e-dick measuring contest. Lame.

    As for the photo, I’ve gotta vote for the dethrone. As blindingly white as the challengers shot is, I think it’s extremely well composed. Great depth of field effects with the lights in the background, almost gives it that tilt-shift feel without the actual tilt-shift. And no way in hell that blunt is posed, peep the action wrinkles on the skaters pants, definite directionality there.

  • Zimmerman

    Just for the record: I’m not ‘supporting’ either one of you turds.

  • Ansel Adams, obviously

    I love how people come on here and trash one photo and jock the other. The dorks trashing the champ obviously either took the challenging photo, are the person in the photo, or blow someone involved in making that photo. The other people trashing those kids are obviously affiliated with the champ and round and round the circle jerk of internet retardation we go. The whole Z is a homo thing is pretty awesome because obviously that person got to you. I know you and your crew don’t know how to get your shots published so you submit your photos week after week in the hopes of getting some recognition here which makes you look even sillier.

  • Z

    You’re pretty much right AA, but wrong on one account, I sent this in because the Champ’s photo is weak. I’m not saying mine is much better, just that the Champ’s photo is a B roll shot.

  • Ansel Adams, obviously

    Isn’t yours a B roll shot too? If it weren’t, it would be getting ran by a company in an ad, correct? You’re just proving my point. The champs shot isn’t bad. Yours isn’t either. Your attitude is however. And if you consider your shot better than B grade, you’ve proven another point of mine, you have nowhere else to run your shots because you’re just another kid with a digital camera who thinks he’s a “pro”

  • Jay

    Wow, that was deep. Now I would just like to engage in my own personal critique for the photos this week if you guys wouldn’t mind. With not an ounce of hate in me, I’m going to say for the third or fourth time that I still don’t like the champ’s photo, but good job at making it this far. This is coming from someone who doesn’t know anyone that was a part of either of these photos. I promise. Honestly, I’m just bored and can’t sleep and I enjoy throwing my opinions out there for all of you to read… because I know you care 😉

    Lets talk about the challenger’s photo this week shall we? I’m going to have to agree with the people who said that the photo is a bit too bright. Well actually, I think the sky just needs to be darker. It’s reading white to me… being it blends in with the background of this website. Besides that though, I thoroughly enjoy the composition of this photo. There’s a strong balance throughout the photo with the skater to the left of the frame and the building to the right. The light fixtures create movement and depth. I also enjoy the lines in this photograph. I vote challenger this week.

  • Z

    Nah, my shot is not a B roll shot. It would be a B roll shot if I was a professional photographer, but for my level, it’s a decent shot. I mean, I don’t call myself a professional photographer, but since I make most of my money doing it, then I could be considered professional. Obviously I like getting published, and I’ll do it again, but people don’t want to publish a little blunt shot by a nobody with no branding at all, this photo isn’t on a publishing level

  • Larry

    Challenger’s photo is incredible!

  • challenger’s is sooooo nice. 50mms flood my basement

  • Ansel Adams, obviously

    Z, stop proving my points or you’re going to make me want to go to law school. You say your shot isn’t a B roll shot, but then you say nobody wants to run an unbranded blunt shot of a nobody. That’s pretty much the definition of B roll

  • Z

    A “B” roll shot is a shot I’d toss, as in, not show anyone, anywhere. This is a shot I’ve got on my website, and am happy to say is mine. You’re on YoBeat right now, law school is not in your future.

  • Larry

    Scratch that!!
    Champ’s photo is incredible!!

  • Hans Footsie the Majestic Fish

    Challenger’s photo looks like a blown out ravioli.

  • Larry

    On second thought, I mist be blind if I like the Champ’s haggard shot! I’d choose that blown out ravioli any day!

  • Chef Boyardee

    Mmmmmm…….blown out ravioli’s

    Sounds like what’s going on between Larry’s mothers legs.

    Dont make me get all meat sauce on that ass…

  • sevo

    nice helmet brosef

  • Larry

    How did you know?! She does. So does Z.

  • Larry

    Yeah, I want Z to to ravioli my moms ass

  • Larry

    I Larry that Larry took both Larry’s and made Z a Larry and the champs Larry the worst of all-time.


  • Larry

    You would bring that up Larry, Larry never was good name for you anyways, it was always better suited for me, the real Larry is here, and larry loves lovely little light lithographs. Little larry loved to live in Lake LePue ‘long side lucas while licking lolllipops listening to lynard skynard and Led Zeppelin. ambien is great by the way

  • Larry

    The other Larry ,I Larry’d this Larry. Brought her back to my Larry, and Larry’d the shit out of her Larry. She’s been Larrying funny ever since that Larry

  • Larry

    Larry, after larrying her larry did you pull a larry and larry out of her larry?

  • Larry


  • Barry

    Hey Larry, my name is Barry… like the fruit, but with an A.

  • I think I just got stupider….

  • jimmy

    grow up its a photo contest…..

  • change my vote

    Darn I voted for Challenger but now that I know its Z’s shot I want to take it back… Z is a chad. You say you have a website lets see it!

  • Towelie

    No, YOU’RE a towel

  • Z

    You’re going to vote against me because you don’t prefer me as a person? It’s rough you know I have a better photo on here, which is quite obvious, yet still want to vote against me, enjoy my website little man.

  • Larry

    Holy shit Z, “digital gold photography”? Are you serious with that name? Maybe Z is a Homo is right. Your website name is ridiculous. Your shot this week is good, but it’s not better than the champ. It just isnt. Nice try though

  • Z

    The name is weak, but my message is clear about the champ’s photo, it’s a poor ass shot, that could use a lot of work, where is your website bro?

  • Z is getting smooooooooooked. Love it. Keep up the good work Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry and Larry.

    I won’t even comment on “digital gold photography”. Obviously Z does porn and those guys are sketchy and I like my knee-caps…

  • Larry

    Z is a homo.

  • Z

    So I’m assuming these Larrys and Z is a homo, are the same people? Cool internet insults, I’m going to lose weight over you.

  • Larry

    Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry

  • Tellin’ it like it is

    champ’s photo is wack, doesn’t deserve champ gallery at all

  • My websites dedicated to rippin and tearin on Z’s face and his white washed photo and his amazingly homo-rific website.

  • Z

    I’m only a hater because I’m jealous of The Champs photo.

  • Z

    I’d rather have the rider perfectly exposed than an underexposed photo.

  • Yo-beating off is fun

  • Z

    I’m a big fat shit talking loser.

  • Larry

    jimbo’s quite right

  • Z

    yes 63, you certainly are.

  • i’m not sure which is more unbelievable: that challenger is losing or that the people are hating so hard on the shot. the challenger shot is one of the better pics on here in a while.

  • Z

    thanks shred, it’s too bad I lost, but the people have spoken haha